18 Best Indie Games on Switch

When it comes to the gaming community’s attention and the news, triple-A titles developed by large teams get everything, while small indie games don’t get much at all. On the other hand, they provide the same or even better content and experience. If we look at the game scene of the last decade, some of the best titles were developed by small teams or solo developers. Nintendo is ideally suited for enjoying independent games that do not demand the same amount of processing power from a machine as AAA games. 

One also can play independent titles on the move with the handheld mode of Nintendo Switch. There is a misconception that a game developed by a large team will be better while a game by a small team won’t be good, but it is totally wrong. Indie games fall in the same category, and to increase their sales, developers have to ask for reviews. Many great titles miss the radar but not anymore. There are a plethora of amazing independent games available for players to enjoy on their Nintendo Switch.

1. Wargroove 


Wargroove was developed by Chucklefish, who also developed Stardew Valley some time ago, and this was the second title by the developer. Although it may resemble the Advance Wars series to some extent, turn-based tactical fighting in Wargroove is way better and takes place in a fantasy environment. 

Various commanders are available, and each commander can command a group of powerful troops on the field. The game features a solid store and will keep you engaged from the start till the end. Beyond the single-player story, there’s much to do, including online multiplayer, a puzzle game mode, and the option to design custom conflicts.

Wargroove – Trailer

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2. Shovel Knight 

Shovel Knight

The famous dev house, the Yacht Club Games, successfully launched Shovel Knight with crowdfunding. The game was way better than investors had thought. It is a retro title that led to two separate spin-off titles. 

It is praised for its excellent level design, fascinating characters, and unexpectedly enjoyable fighting. Shovel Knight not only included a terrific new game but also raised the difficulty greatly. There is a variety of downloadable content for gamers who don’t get enough after the main story ends.

Shovel Knight – Trailer

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3. Celeste


If we look at the Indie game history, Celeste is one of the few titles that was a hit after it was released, and this was a surprise. The game features plenty of hard yet enjoyable stages, and progressing all the way up the top of the mountain demands quick reactions. 

Madeline, the lead character, is extremely well-written, displaying progress as she rises and tackles her own challenges. There’s nothing that Celeste doesn’t accomplish well, both in terms of plot and gameplay, and it’s certainly one of the greatest indie games available for Switch.

Celeste – Trailer

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4. Cuphead


If you want to enjoy an interesting storyline in a game, Cuphead is your best option, as it uses a cartoon art style to tell you the story. Although the artistic elements first drew many players in, the run-and-gun gameplay style made the Cuphead so popular. 

The main hero is Cuphead, while the second player can use a character called Mugman to defeat the devil and recapture his soul. Mugman is the brother of Cuphead. Both characters feature a variety of different abilities to accomplish the task. The title is pretty fun but hard, and it will surely appeal to fans of the genre.

Cuphead – Trailer

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5. Slay the Spire

Slay The Spire

Slay The Spire was developed by MegaCrit, and it is all about building decks. It is so good that you may think it was built specifically for the Nintendo Switch. Developers did an excellent job designing a game that is played and put down at any time.

 A complete run across all four parts will take some time, even though many runs will finish before act one is completed, leaving players eager for another attempt to climb the game’s tower. The replay opportunity is good, thanks to the four different characters, and each has a few deck-building possibilities.

Slay The Spire – Trailer

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6. Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2

The Original Sin 2 is undoubtedly among the finest indie role-playing games of the past few years, and many fans consider it to be among the best RPGs. As with every Nintendo Switch adaptation, the flexibility to enjoy on the move has further enriched what was previously a fantastic game.

Divinity 2 lets players explore the world individually or in multiplayer mode, and the Rivellon environment is well-designed, providing a truly exciting experience.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Trailer

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7. Hades


Hades was released in 2020 and is among the list of the finest rogue-like titles even today. It was a breakthrough title for the development company called the Supergiant Games. They literally hit the jackpot with Hades. It is a hack-and-slash thriller that delivers highly exciting action as players move from chamber to chamber, hunting for an exit from the abyss.

The plot is strong, and the quantity of replay value available may keep gamers occupied for long periods of time. Combining that with the option to pick up and begin on the move, Hades is an ideal buy for any Switch user.

Hades – Trailer

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8. Hollow Knight

Hallow Knight

Like some of the other independent games, Hollow Knight was developed on a small budget. Unlike most of its competitors, Hollow Knight generated a significant amount of cash for the tiny group that worked on it. It is a scrolling two-dimensional Metroidvania title that is set in the underworld realm of Hallownest.

Even though the boss battles in Hollow Knight might be extremely stressful for players, it is extremely rewarding for those who survive. It’s a difficult game for anybody, but patience soon unveils one of the greatest Metroidvanias of recent history.

Hallow Knight – Trailer

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9. Undertale


Undertale is an appealing role-playing game that is among the few titles that actually transform the genre. The visuals, like several other indie games, are pretty generic; however, the gameplay is far better. The soundtrack is also entertaining, but it is the plot that truly distinguishes Undertale. 

Gamers control a tiny child that has been trapped in the Underworld. It is an underground area filled with monsters. Decisions made during the game drastically change the storyline, and several endings occur based on how a player manages combat.

Undertale – Trailer

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10. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley shows why so many gamers appreciate independent games because every element seems like a token of love. This farm simulation game has a lot to offer, such as relationships, quarrying, and basic fighting.

The game features short days to give players frequent pauses while simultaneously urging them to play for another round. It’s a lovely and enjoyable experience with plenty of replayability. Stardew Valley is among the most recognizable indie games for a valid reason.

Stardew Valley – Trailer

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11. Goose Game

Goose Game

Everyone loves to cause chaos in video games, and The Goose Game allows players to do as one of mother nature’s most terrible monsters called the goose. This amusing and addictive puzzle game has introduced a co-op mode, allowing you and your buddies to work together to give the old and the poor farmer a migraine. 

You can also take somebody’s wonderful picnic into the water for fun. Despite its chaos and trouble, Untitled Goose Game is extremely relaxing, with a beautiful soundtrack that nevertheless makes the mayhem peaceful. We could all benefit from it right now, couldn’t we?

Goose Game – Trailer

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12. Cloudpunk


This is a dystopian world, and you’re simply the guy who is trying to get a message through with as little stress as possible. Cloudpunk is an open-world package delivery game. You’re a carrier for a moderately illegal delivery service, and this is your second evening at work, but what might go wrong?

Cloudpunk’s storyline action occurs over the period of one evening, and you determine what you’d like to carry and when – these decisions will have effects all across the adventure and affect how other people view you. It is a fantastic Switch independent game that is as fascinating as it is attractive.

Cloudpunk – Trailer

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13. Raji: An Ancient Epic

Raji: An Ancient Epic

Raji was released earlier this year for Nintendo by an Indian developer. It is an absolutely breathtaking adventure title that is set in ancient India. You are Raji, a young lady appointed by the god to guard the planet from a demonic attack. The design is influenced by Indian mythology, such as Ramayana and old Indian architecture. 

It definitely gives a one-of-a-kind gameplay experience. Raji will keep you involved at every round with battle that needs you to be smart and pick between weaponry like a Trishul or a crossbow for each fight.

Raji: An Ancient Epic – Trailer

14. Beacon Pines

Beacon Pines

Beacon Pines is a charming, scenic journey with scary adorable feelings in which you attempt to alter the plot and change the fate of a fawn-like protagonist, Luka. Set inside the book pages, you’ll acquire gold charms with phrases inscribed on top, which could be utilized to manipulate the plot. 

You’ll find secrets, meet friends, and visit diverse places given life through the use of dioramas when you head out to examine the unusual things that went on in Beacon Pines. Beacon Pines is a true indie masterpiece with lovely characters, a wonderful visual style, and a tale you can directly influence.

Beacon Pines – Trailer

15. I Am Dead

I Am Dead

I Am Dead is extremely stunning, but we’d all imagine this from a Ubisoft game. You play Morris Lupton, a museum curator who has died recently. You have found that the beautiful island seems to be at risk of being swallowed by an active volcano. You and your best doggo’s spirit, Sparky, choose to employ your ghost abilities to locate anyone to safeguard the town of Shelmerston.

A video game about someone being dead and attempting to prevent people from actually dying with your dead dog needs to be plenty of weird humor, which the game delivers. There are engaging gameplay features that will keep you interested, and the level of detail is breathtaking. You will not be disappointed if you dive into I Am Dead.

I Am Dead – Trailer

16. The Long Dark

The Long Dark

The Long Dark is a unique survival game for the Nintendo that challenges you to survive in a freezing, apocalyptic environment. The Survival Sandbox game mode is a great feature that provides you with limited supplies, no energy, and a clock to determine how long you can survive. Or perhaps you’d prefer to play the episodic story game mode called the Wintermute. In this mode, you must endure the Pleasant Valley and assist in the recovery of other survivors.

The Long Dark – Trailer

17. Dead Cells

Dead Cells

Dead Cells features a stunning, expansive, and linked universe. Everything from platforming to combat is smooth, and there’s plenty to discover and gather to have you coming back for even more. Neverending waves of enemies ready to kill you end up making Dead Cells brutally difficult, making you hate yourself for every failed attempt. 

And then you’ll fail over and over again, every time whispering “one further attempt” until you’ve learned sufficient skills to succeed. Dead Cells combines and perfects the greatest features of all its parental genres.

Dead Cells – Trailer

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18. Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 challenges the boundaries of the independent rouge-lite legacy of being extremely difficult. Taking the young franchise into such a brilliantly three-dimensional environment, you’re pushed to face a brutal attack of amazingly different foes, most of whom are well-equipped to knock you down with a single blow.

As you advance, you will get access to gear that drastically changes your way of playing. Gas can be employed to fire a swarm of foes that will also ordinarily need patience, ability, and a little luck to overcome. The uncommon Frost Relic engulfs you in a snowstorm that strikes at six hundred percent damage each second, sweeping your way gradually for a brief time.

Risk of Rain 2 – Trailer

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