Age of Empires 4 | XInput1_4.dll Is Missing, MSVCP140.dll Not Found, Crash At Startup, VCRUNTIME140_1.dll Missing | All Fixes available

Age of Empires has always been a franchise that didn’t usually require state-of-the-art hardware. Age of Empires 4 is no different and performs well, even on lighter computers.

However, there are still several bugs that are preventing players from enjoying the game. From lost DLLs to crashes that occur as soon as the game is opened.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, take a look at the list of solutions below!

How to fix crash at launch?

  1. Check which version you are using on Windows, Age of Empires 4 only works on Windows 10 64-bit or Windows 11 64-bit. If you are on an older or 32-bit version, the game will not start.
  2. Check if your CPU has AVX Support.
  3. Try disabling Controlled Folder Access in Windows 10: Open Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & Threat Protection > Manage ransomware protection > Turn off controlled folder access.
  4. If the crash message is reporting an error in the GPU Driver, do not try to update it. It is better to uninstall and re-install in the new version.

How to fix vcruntime140_1.dll or MSVCP140.dll was not found error?

To fix vcruntime140_1.dll or MSVCP140.dll was not found error, install the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables both x64 and x86 versions.

How to fix XInput1_4.dll Missing?

To fix the XInput1_4.dll missing error follow these steps:

  1. Go to C:WindowsSystem32
  2. Find xinput1_3.dll or xinput1_2.dll. 
  3. Copy the file and paste it to Desktop and then, rename it to xinput1_4.dll. 
  4. Place the renamed file back to C:WindowsSystem32. 
  5. Launch Age of Empires 4 
  6. The XInput1_4.dll missing error is now fixed.

How to fix a crash while playing?

  1. If you are using in-game overlays like Steam in-game overlay or Geforce Experience overlay. Disable it as it can cause the game to crash: Open Steam and go to Setting > In-game > uncheck the option ‘Enable Steam overlay while in-game’.
  2. Disable third-party tools and software like RGB software, MSI Afterburner, or more can cause the game to crash while in-game. 
  3. If your CPU has 4 or fewer cores, you’ll need to tweak and get some more performance: Open Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > Select Age of Empires 4. Set ‘Low Latency Mode’ to Ultra and set Off for Tripple Buffering.
  4. Limit Age of Empires 4 max FPS: This will reduce the CPU and GPU load. Open Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > Select Age of Empires 4. Enable Max FPS Limit and set the value for it.

Now that you finally have Age of Empires IV up and running. It’s time to learn a little more about the game, so here are some guides: