Ark: Survival Evolved’ Story Now Includes Explorer Notes System

Ark is a game about evolution and growth, the game in its self allows you to control and tame dinosaurs, reptiles and other creatures from time and myth! Now the Ark developers have introduced the Explorer notes system to its story, you maybe thinking what on earth is this all about right? Here goes:

Adventurers exploring the world of Ark: Survival Evolved are about to stumble across new mysteries with the upcoming Explorer Note System. The notes will begin to appear throughout the island soon, giving players a glimpse of past survivors’ fates. Not to mention, the new notes are likely to provide more information on the enigmatic island itself and secrets behind the ARK.

In an official post on the Ark: Survival Evolved website, developers of the game reveal that the new note system will start appearing over the coming weeks. Players will be able to study and seemingly collect these notes from past survivors in an effort to learn new strategies as well as uncovering more about their place on the island.

Additionally, the post mentions that no new Dino Dossiers will be revealed over the next few weeks. Instead of revealing new dinosaurs, the teams behind Ark: Survival Evolved will be working to get revealed but not yet implemented dinosaurs into the game. Although no specific creatures were mentioned, existing dossiers include creatures like the Ichthyornis, the Lystrosaurus, and the Thylacoleo. All three of these animals provide the player with something unique that players cannot find in Ark: Survival Evolved quite yet, making them highly anticipated.

The Ichthyornis, first of all, is a sea bird similar to the common seagull. This upcoming creature can sit atop a survivor’s shoulder, like the Mesopithecus monkey, and it will occasionally bring its owner fish. With its special beak, the Ichthyornis infuses caught fish with special healing properties according to the officially released dossier on the Ark: Survival Evolved Steam page.

The Lystrosaurus, another animal coming to the game sometime in the future, provides a different kind of support to its owner and allies. According to its previously released dossier, the herbivorous Lystrosaurus buffs nearby friends by increasing experience gain. The creature itself earns experience quicker than most, too, making one a welcome companion after being tamed.

The Thylacoleo, finally, is a monster cat known for its ability jump and climb in Ark: Survival Evolved. This tamed creature will improve any survivor’s ability to traverse the island. This animal sports semi-opposable claws to scale trees making them highly flexible in many types of terrain. Once tamed, players can ride the beast to jump over obstacles or climb massive trees at the owner’s will.

Those are just three examples of unreleased animals with official dossiers on their way to Ark: Survival Evolved. Several more dinosaurs, mammals, reptiles, and other creatures currently have dossiers waiting to be implemented into the game. There is no official word on which creatures players will see first, but the revealed dossiers will be the source of new animals in the game in the coming weeks.

Ark is ever evolving into an open world mammoth of a game.

Original source: Inquisitr

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