Best Diablo Immortal Crusader build: Guide with Skills, Gems, and Leveling Tips

Once you’ve chosen your server and Crusader class in Diablo Immortal, it’s time to take action and start a new adventure in Sanctuary. 

Like the start of most RPGs, the first few hours are intuitive and simple as you unlock and understand your starting skills. However, over time there are options you need to choose from and more complexity to explore. 

In this guide we have put together a simple build with the best skills to use, items, gems and most useful legendary equipment during the leveling phase, whether solo or in a group and more tips.

Crusader Skill Rotation

Crusader Skill Rotation

Skill rotation: use Punish, Consecration, Spinning Shield and Punish again. Then use Draw And Quarter to group enemies together while continuing to attack with Punish. You can also drag a group of enemies with you during your charge to herd them together and AoE effectively.

An attack that lacks power compared to other classes, but makes up for it with Draw And Quarter.

Spinning Shield
An AoE with a control effect.

Consecration (level 20)
Consecration is a fantastic area attack that lingers on the ground.

Shield Glare <> Draw And Quarter (level 15)
Shield Glare is replaced by Draw And Quarter at level 15. This will become your best skill, for moving quickly, surrounding enemies and dealing damage. Keep attacking with Punish after using it.

Falling Sword (Level 8) <> Conjuration of Light (Level 50)
An excellent skill that combines instant damage, damage over time, and mobility when you activate it. Falling Sword remains the best option until you unlock your ULT at level 50.

Legendary Items for Crusader

It’s unlikely you’ll find all these items while leveling up, but sometimes having them can justify switching from one skill to another. Remember to upgrade your gear as much as possible, even if it’s not legendary, as you can transfer the level for free for new items you find and equip.

  • Head: Many-Eyed Aegis – Consecration moves with you.
  • Torso: Besieger – Steed Charge regularly deals AoE damage to enemies.
  • Shoulder Pads: Sivket Advantage – Increases the duration of Steed Charge by 30%.
  • Legs: Bladed Leggings – Charge Steed transforms into a flaming mount that burns enemies and leaves flames on the ground, but no longer drags enemies with you.
  • Primary Weapon: Small Spear – Falling Sword propels you forward up to three times, while damaging enemies in your path.
  • Secondary Weapon: Battle Pass Rank 10 gives you the choice between several secondary legendaries, we advise you to choose Pavise of Ten Wings, one of the best legendaries in the game, as the Spinning Shields will revolve around you continuously instead of going in a straight line.

Common Gems

Focus on damage (Tourmaline, red gem) and armor penetration (Sapphire, blue gem).

Legendary Gems

You won’t have much opportunity to choose your legendary gems or optimize them while leveling up, unless you invest large sums of money. Use whatever you find at the moment that brings the best attributes.


The Crusader is a very strong AoE class that offers a lot of crowd control, party buffs, and resilience. Because it has so many qualities, it is considered a good class for beginners, but even better for veterans who know how to take advantage of these advantages more effectively, especially when it comes to PvP. But it’s not all rosy, after all, the Crusader relies heavily on the cooldown of his abilities to actually do anything, and on top of that his damage to single targets, like bosses, is pretty low compared to other classes.

How to level up a Crusader?

The tip is valid for any Diablo Immortal class: do the story missions until you get to a point where you need to fulfill some requirement to progress. Generally, this requirement is just about having reached a certain level, so we recommend completing Battle Pass missions, which offer a lot of experience. This would be the fastest way to level up, but it’s not necessarily the most interesting.

If you’re looking for a more fluid experience, we recommend sticking with the story quests and embarking on optional activities whenever they arise, which include dungeons and lairs.