Best Diablo Immortal Monk build: Guide with Skills, Gems, and Leveling Tips

A fighter with a lot of support skills, but also dealing substantial damage. Here we have recommendations for levels 1 to 60, the ideal equipment, and important gameplay tips.

If you’re looking for a class in Diablo Immortal that shines in group environments and against a high amount of enemies, Monk might be an option – perhaps the best of them all. In this guide we have put together a simple build with the best skills to use, items, gems and most useful legendary equipment during the leveling phase, whether solo or in a group and more tips.

Monk Skill Rotation

Skill Rotation: Approach a group of enemies with Mystic Strike, pull enemies back with Cyclone Strike, use Explosing Palm on them, then blast them away with Seven-Sided Strike. Defeat what’s left with Fists of Thunder.

Fists of Thunder
Main attack
The Monk’s excellent default attack to use when the other skills isn’t available.

Flying Kick or Mystic Strike (Level 15)
Flying Kick is replaced by Mystic Strike (level 15), which gives you much more mobility, groups enemies and deals damage – all in one.

Seven-Sided Strike
A devastating area attack that offers a short period of invulnerability.

Seven-Sided Strike

Cyclone Strike
A vortex that groups enemies, making it a common use tool for many situations.

Cyclone Strike

Wave Strike (level 3) or Exploding Palm (level 24)
The Wave Strike is replaced by the Exploding Palm (level 24) which creates good combos with Cyclone Strike and the Seven-Sided Strike.

Legendary Items for Monks

It’s unlikely you’ll find all these items while leveling up, but sometimes having them can justify switching from one skill to another. Remember to upgrade your gear as much as possible, even if it’s not legendary, as you can transfer the level for free for new items you find and equip.

  • Head: Debilitating Knowledge – Explosive Palm stack count increased by 1.
  • Torso: Breath of Incense – Triggers the Explosive Palm when Seven Stars kills a bloodied enemy.
  • Shoulderpads: Weight of Discipline – Increases the damage of Seven Stars by 10%.
  • Legs: Path of the Storm – Cyclone Strike reduces damage taken by 20% for a time.
  • Primary Weapon: Dragon’s Indignation – Seven Stars continuously burn enemies.
  • Secondary Weapon: Battle Pass Rank 10 gives you the choice between various legendaries in the off hand, we advise you to choose Eye of the Storm, increases Cyclone Strike range by 20%.

Common Gems

Focus on damage (Tourmaline, red gem) and armor penetration (Sapphire, blue gem).

Legendary Gems

You won’t have much opportunity to choose your legendary gems or optimize them while leveling up, unless you invest large sums of money. Use whatever you find at the moment that brings the best attributes.

General Tips for Monks

Monk is a class that offers a lot of control over enemies in area damage, which makes him a desirable member in groups. Still in this context, he manages to give buffs and shields to allies, which makes him even more beloved by players. 

Monk is one of the few characters who has almost unrestricted mobility. As it is highly dependent on cooldowns, you need to master this aspect well so that you don’t spend long periods of time with nothing to do. His weakness, other than this lore point, is that he doesn’t deal as much damage to single targets.

How to level up a Monk

Do the main story quests until you get to a point where you need to fulfill some requirement to progress. Generally, this requirement is just about having reached a certain level, so we recommend completing Battle Pass missions, which offer a lot of experience. This would be the fastest way to level up, but it’s not necessarily the most interesting.

If you’re looking for a more fluid experience, we recommend sticking with the story quests and embarking on optional activities whenever they arise, which includes dungeons and lairs.