Best Diablo Immortal Wizard build: Guide with Skills, Gems, and Leveling Tips

Those who enjoy using great spells and decimating hordes of enemies will take a liking to the Arcanist in Diablo Immortal. It’s a class that relies on matching abilities from the start, so it’s also a satisfying character type to play with. As you level up these combinations get stronger and more challenging to play. Here we have a guide with one of the best builds and some tips for new players.

Wizard Skill Rotation

Skill rotation: Black Hole, followed by Scorch or Meteor, then improved Arcane Wind and Magic Missile.

Magic Missile
Basic ranged attack.

Scorch or Meteor (Level 41)
Scorch is an AoE that ignites the ground, which will create a combo with Arcane Wind. It is replaced by the Meteor at level 41, which also sets the ground on fire to create the combo. There is, however, a delay until the skill drops that must be taken into account.

Arcane Wind
An AoE cone that pushes enemies back and deals more damage to burning enemies, so should be used after Scorch and Meteor.

Lightning Nova or Black Hole (Level 38)
An AoE that can be used often and can do a lot of damage if you use it well. It is replaced by Black Hole at level 38, which groups enemies together and deals damage to them, which will set them up for a big combo.

Teleport (Level18)
It offers a fantastic boost in mobility and survivability.

Legendary Items for Wizard


It’s unlikely you’ll find all these items while leveling up, but sometimes having them can justify switching from one skill to another. Remember to upgrade your gear as much as possible, even if it’s not legendary, as you can transfer the level for free for new items you find and equip.

  • Head: Hood of the Abyss – Increases the size of Black Hole by 20%.
  • Torso: Cloak of the Starcaller – Increases Meteor size by 20%.
  • Shoulderpads: Cataclysm Shoulderpads – Increases Meteor damage by 10%.
  • Legs: Trousers of the Summoner of the Winds – Increases Arcane Wind damage by 10%.
  • Primary Weapon: Windshaper – Transforms Arcane Wind into a Tornado that pursues enemies and damages them continuously.
  • Secondary Weapon: Battle Pass Rank 10 gives you the choice between several legendaries in the off hand, we recommend that you choose the Siphon which will turn Static Pulse into a movement technique with its 60% movement speed bonus.

Common Gems

Prioritize damage (Tourmaline, red gem) and armor penetration (Sapphire, blue gem).

Legendary Gems

You won’t have much opportunity to choose your legendary gems or optimize them while leveling up, unless you invest large sums of money. Use whatever you find at the moment that brings the best attributes.

Tips for Wizards

The Wizard is a class that is highly reliant on combo skills and hitting them, as virtually none of them go straight to the target. That is, it requires knowledge of the game to be executed with mastery, but it is also one of the most satisfying to play. Like every character that deals a lot of damage, it is also very fragile, but has an excellent mobility option with Teleport. In addition, it can be considered a selfish class.

How to level up a Wizard?

Do the story missions until you get to a point where you need to fulfill some requirement to progress. Generally, this requirement is just about having reached a certain level, so we recommend completing Battle Pass missions, which offer a lot of experience. This would be the fastest way to level up, but it’s not necessarily the most interesting.

If you’re looking for a more fluid experience, we recommend sticking with the story quests and embarking on optional activities whenever they arise, which include dungeons and lairs.