Borderlands 3 Guide: Maurice’s Black Market Location

Maurice’s Black Market Vending machine is yet another Borderlands 3 mechanic that lets you acquire Top-Tier Legendary Loot.

This mechanic was added during the Director’s Cut to give you some chances to reach peak game performance in a short period.

However, there is a challenge, each week Gearbox hides Maurice’s Black Market in a different location and it will be up to players to find it.

Where is Maurice’s Black Market this week?

The Borderlands 3 Black Market is hidden in The Anvil on the planet Eden-6.

Black Market Location

What legendary items are in Black Market?

The items in the Black Market are not fixed, each week there are unique items defined by Gearbox. Usually the Black Market offers several versions of the same equipment, allowing it to better fit in your Build.

Which items are on sale in the Maurice’s Black Market this week?

I couldn’t find the Black Market, now what?

Don’t worry, there will be another Black Market in a new location soon.

Gearbox Software will hide the Black Market at a new location every Thursday at 9:00 AM PT. So if the vending machine isn’t at the location above anymore. We’re still trying to find its new location, check back in a bit.

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