Borderlands 3 – how to fix lag and stuttering issues

Lag spikes and stuttering issues are unfortunately a big problem in Borderlands 3. Since the game’s release, there are several reports and it is one of the most commented posts on Borderlands SubReddit. 

Below I’ll discourse about some solutions already known by the community and that you can test to improve your experience. 

GPU Driver issue

Does your Graphic Card have an updated driver? If you do not know or are not, it is better to update it. 

Especially for NVIDIA GPUs, there were several improvements made to the driver that directly impacted the performance of Borderlands 3. 

To download the new NVIDIA Drivers click on the link below: 


After installing the new driver, restart your PC and check if your problem has been solved.

Texture Streaming 

Since the release of Borderlands 3, it has become clear that the game is not prepared to handle a wide variety of configurations. 

So often lowering your graphics configuration to Low may do more harm than help. 

A specific configuration that you should test is Texture Streaming, in which case it is better that it remains High or Ultra. 

After changing this setting, restart the game and check if it has normalized or if it still has lagging problems. 

DirectX 12 

Within the game, you can configure which version of DirectX you want to be used with. To do this, go to the Visuals -> Advanced menu and switch your Graphics API from DirectX 11 to DirectX 12 (Beta). 

After changing the configuration you will need to restart the game. Performance is expected to increase a lot and decrease your lagging. However, keep an eye out for crashes. 

There are reports of some games crashing after making this change, so if in your case it starts to harm your experience. It’s better to return to the previous configuration.


Windows Graphics (Windows 10 specific)

On your Windows home screen, click on Start and type Graphics. Select the Graphics Setting option. Set the dropdown menu under ‘Choose an app to set preference’ to ‘Classic App’, and then click on Browse.

Find the Borderlands 3 executable file (Program Files -> Epic Games -> Borderlands 3), and then click Add.

You’ll see Borderlands 3 at the bottom of the window. Click on it, then select Options. 

Another window will appear with three settings: ‘System Default’, ‘Power Saving’, and ‘High Performance’. Select the ‘High Performance’, and Save.

After that restart Borderlands 3 and check if you have solved your lagging.