Borderlands 3: Save Editor Guide

After finishing Borderlands 3, there is always that curiosity to build other builds or even play with other characters. But it is hardly worth redoing all that progress just to evolve a character from level 1 to 65. Don’t worry, there is a way to avoid this.

One way to avoid this is to edit your saved game, so you can change the information such as your level, or amount of money that your character has.

How to use Save Editor in Borderlands 3?

First of all, remember to make a backup of your file. So if you want to return to your original game, you still have a chance.

  1. Visit
  2. Upload your save file
  3. Modify the data
  4. Save modified save file back into the game’s save folder

NOTE: If you want to change any of your items this spreadsheet will help you.

NOTE 2: If you’re using Steam, make sure to disable cloud synchronization or Steam will overwrite your changes with your cloud save.