Borderlands 3 | What Does The Luck Stat Do And How It Works?

Like any good RPG, Borderlands 3 has several items and stats. Some are clearer and others less so. One of them that is very confusing is Luck. At no point in the game do we have anything to explain what this attribute offers the player.

What does Luck change in Borderlands 3?

Luck is a pretty straightforward stat. It indicates your chance to get a piece of equipment. Every time you beat an opponent your ‘luck is cast’ and depending on the result you get an item of a rarity level.

All of this is also influenced by the game mode, the kind of opponent you beat, difficulty level, and the Luck you have. The luckier it is, the better the chance you will get a rarer item.

How can I increase my Luck in Borderlands 3?

There are two ways you can increase your Luck. The first one is finding equipment that offers more luck, as in the equipment below:

The second way is using your Guardian Points. When climbing Guardian Rank, you will have the option to choose to increase your luck whenever you invest your Guardian Point in the Hunter Skill Tree.

By using these two methods you will have a great increase of chance to obtain legendary weapons.

Should I Care About Luck in Borderlands 3?

In my opinion, no.

One of the best luck-boosting items is Loaded Dice, which is a legendary artifact in Borderlands 3. This item increases your luck tremendously but decreases your health by 75%.

Loaded Dice can be easily obtained from Agonizer which is located in Guts of Carnivora on Pandora.

Even with this item, several tests still show that it doesn’t significantly increase the chance of obtaining legendary items. It only decreases the chances of getting common items and uncommon.

So if you are looking to be armed with legendary gear. It’s much better if you go after Shift Codes than create a build focused on Luck.