Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel | Shift Codes (2023)

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel just received a visual update that allows it to play in 4K, which has encouraged many players to return and take another stroll around Pandora’s famous moon, Elpis.

One of the coolest mechanics you’ll find in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel that keeps the game fresh is Shift Codes. These are codes that have been released on official Borderlands accounts, either via Facebook or Twitter, that allows players to exchange for rare cosmetic items and Golden Keys.

Enjoy and see what codes are still working for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

How do I use Shift Code in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel?

  1. In the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel main menu, click on Extras
  2. Select “Shift Codes” from the “Extras” menu
  3. On the “My Offers” screen, select “Shift Code”
  4. Enter the 25 digits of the Shift Code and press “Submit”
Redeeming Golden Keys

SHiFT Codes

5 Golden KeysMarch 285CKTB-CHTXR-RZBRB-TJ3JT-H6K59
5 Golden KeysMarch 28KK5BT-TSTX6-RHBRT-TBBJJ-69RHH
5 Golden KeysMarch 7WWWTB-F63F6-R9JR3-3BJ3T-WW9XW
5 Golden KeysJan 24KCCJ3-XCBX6-R9TFB-TB3J3-6C3WR
5 Golden KeysJan 3W5KBB-9K3XF-R9BFT-J3BBJ-BF9K9


How can I find the latest Shift Codes?

To find new codes regularly, you can follow the official Gearbox and Borderlands social media accounts.

You can also checkout The website automatically monitors and posts updates from both Twitter and Facebook onto one convenient page. If Gearbox has put out a new batch of Shift codes, they’ll be listed here.

What do I do if SHiFT Code is not working?

Unfortunately some SHiFT Codes expire. Check if your code has passed its expiration date.

If everything is correct and it’s still not working, it may be bugged. Sometimes the SHiFT system goes through updates or bugs that prevent you from redeeming the code. Wait a few days and try again.

NOTE: You can only use each code once per account. That way check if you haven’t used the same code in the past.

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