Corruption Walkthrough [v2.65]


The girls in the game are becoming increasingly depraved and enslaved. You can see different events for each corruption level.​

Corruption Walkthrough

Convenience store girl (Alice)

After she is corrupted to level 1 when you go on a date her character disappears after going to the restroom


  • After the 2nd gas potion use you can’t have access to the corresponding dialogs with the wagon girls.
  • Using a 3rd will get you to the woman you can harass.
  • All potions are available at sanctuary ( 3 types : normal, male and gas ) The corruption level is indicated by the outfits of the characters.
  • The more slutty outfit they wear the more corrupted they are.
  • Events and actions are tied to the corruption level, if you want to see all events/actions don’t give potions too fast
  • Also some special events need several characters to be at a defined level of corruption. It would be wise to corrupt all characters at the same level before going further.

Special events

  • Dinner at home (Mother, sister, neighbour corruption levels at least level ???, this event changes with the level of corruption) : Phone – Neighbour (Megan) – Invite to your home
  • Family dinner at Aunt’s home (Mother, sister, aunt, twins (cousins)) : Discuss with aunt and twins in yard of aunt’s (I only tested it with max corruption level)
  • Working as maids at cafe (Mother, sister, boss) : Action possible in living room at home
  • Ex-teacher, mother, sister
  • Ex-teacher, neighbour, neighbour’s daughter
  • Ex-teacher, school Principal, her daughter and granddaughter
  • Policewoman, police chief
  • School Principal’s daughter and granddaughter, suburbs’ housewives


  • Once enslaved the non-enslaved actions can’t be seen again (ex. : make your mother and daughter work in maid outfits in cafe).
  • If you enslaved your mother and sister before being in good terms with your neighbour’s husband you will block your future path.
  • If you have corrupted characters too much (by cheat or before an update of their content is released you will be blocked because their corruption level is too high and won’t trigger the new content. You need to begin a new game, use a previous saved game or change their corruption level in console.
  • Some characters won’t increase their corruption, they need certain events to happen before continuing (Principal, Megan, Michelle, Maria)
  • Some characters are inaccessible until some events or corruption levels are attained (Principal, Principal’s daughter and granddaughter, Michelle, Grandmother)
  • On the day of the release there can be bugs, read the posts on the 2 days following the release (date on the first post) and you may find other posters providing patch or walkaround for these bugs


You should quickly buy the items in the s*x shop, they are required to let some characters perform specific actions (rope play, …)


If you play without cheat I advise you :

  • Always go to work on morning on week days (500 $)
  • Work on your computer until evening (100 $ for unit of time)
  • Buy normal potions at beginning, others are useless for now
  • First corrupt your boss (+100$ by level of corruption) and it doesn’ take a unit of time since you are at work
  • Second take the school job (Tuesday and Thursday, +1000 $), you can work on cafe in morning then go to school job on these days. Warning : when you go work in school You will be transfered directly in your room at night (end of day) even if you go in the morning.
  • You can also go to the other area by subway and work in fast food (500$ by unit of time) (if you are still in this area at night go to the appartment building :
  • if you don’t already visited your grandmother, Justin’s apartment and drink with him to pass the day else go to your grandmother and sleep)

Corruption levels :

  1. : 45 corruption (3 potions)
  2. : 75 corruption (5 potions)
  3. : 120 corruption (8 potions)
  4. : 165 corruption (11 potions)

Only 6 women can be enslaved for now :

  • Your mother
  • Your sister
  • Your neighbour
  • Your neighbour’s daughter
  • The cafe’s boss
  • The nun

There is an order to enslave:

You can only enslave the daughter after her mother is enslaved. You must enslave your mother and sister first


School job

  • Computer – Explorer – Internet surfing -> you read the Ad for school job Talk to the school principal
  • You need to corrupt the teacher to level 2 and go see her after she reached level 2

School Principal

  • To corrupt her go give her potion after being hired for the school job.
  • You get access to her family home when she reaches corruption level 2
  • After being found out by her daughter you are banned from their home. Go at night in the suburbs and look around.

Corrupting her family

  • You need to go to her family home in the morning or afternoon
  • For an “event” with the suburb housewives you need to have corrupted the school Principal’s family (daughter and grandaughter) and the suburbs’s housewives enough)

School teachers corruption

  • Need gas potions
  • Go to the Principal and ask for a teacher meeting. Use the gas

Schoolgirls corruption

  • Need gas potions
  • Go to the school monday morning in the gymnasium. Release the gas

Suburbs housewives

  • Go to the suburbs in the morning and look around.
  • Need potions for housewives and male potions for their husbands


  • Go to the playgrounds, look around and you’ll see 2 housewives with their children.
  • Go to the convenience store on morning of week days and look around. You should see the childrens, buy ice creams. You can now talk to the parents at playgrounds.
  • Their hiding place is random but [SPOILER]of the 3 hiding places all can be seen : a limb is visible.


  • Need potions for women and male potions for uncle
  • To be able to give potions to the twins : After visiting the family when your mother asks you (1 week ingame), you need to go see the sisters in their room and propose them a potion, they refuse.
  • Go to the bar on saturday evening, look around, you can find the blonde twin and her friend (Sarah). After helping them you can give potion to the twins in their room

Aunt’s house key :

  • Go to aunt’s house, go to aunt’s room, if you are alone, look around, you find the key.
  • The events which can be triggered depends how you enter in their house : by using the belle or using the key.


  • Need gas potions
  • Go in the subway in the morning and go to another car.

s*x shop

To become a “regular” you need to buy several articles from the s*x shop.

Convenience store

Convenience store girl – Alice

  • Go to the convenience store (outside) and look around, you should see a girl walking. 1st contact. Next you can find her in the convenience store (week days only, not on week-ends).
  • You can talk to her at counter but nothing comes from that. You need to help her in the store. Go into the store and look around. If nobody is found look around again. When she appears, help her. Repeat for at least 5 times (maybe more) and when you go to the counter you can ask her for a date (Not yet played updates to know what to do after)

Neighbour’s husband

  • To be in good terms with him
  • Corrupt your mother et daughter to at least level 3 (and do not enslave them)
  • Invite your mother and daughter to SPA on a week-end. You will encouter him and he will be happy to see you next.

Grandmother (Sophia)

  • You need to have enslaved your mother and sister.
  • When you see both of them in the living room you have the option to go to your grandmother



  • You need to have been to the hospital, go for the ward and see the doctor reprimand the neighbour’s daughter (Emily)
  • Go to the doctor. She is angry on Emily.
  • Go to the front desktop of the hospital and ask to see a doctor (First time any day, but after this Tuesday and Thursday only).


You need to have corrupted the neighbour’s daughter to a high level and the doctor to level 2. Go to the lounge and give them potion

Doctor’s mother

You need to have corrupted the doctor and nurses, you will be able to talk the doctor about her mother. Find her mother in the lobby.

Give her mother potion.

TV station

Begin corruption

  • You need to watch TV in your own room at home.
  • Then go to the shaman (Utopia – tatooed girl who sells potions), she has a new option about TV station.
  • Go to the TV station with a gas potion, use it.
  • Go to the shaman and ask for the device : you can buy it for 2 000 $. Go to the TV station, News room and choose to wait a while.
  • You can now go to the photo studio.

City hall

Mayor’s office

You can’t advance the mayor’s family corruption in 1.60 wait for next update.

Phone : (numbers from left to right) 

1st page – 1st woman : Mother (Jenny)

1st page – 2nd woman : Sister (Nicole)

1st page – 3rd woman : Neighbour (Megan)

1st page – 4th woman : Neighbour’s daughter (nurse) (Emily) 2nd page – 1st woman : Boss (Heather)

2nd page – 2nd woman : Nun (Maria)

2nd page – 3rd woman : Ex-teacher (Mrs Simpson) 2nd page – 4th woman : Policewoman (Michelle) Locations :

You can move between 2 areas by using the subway

City main map – Uptown

Aunt’s house : Aunt (Julia), Twins (Blonde – Lucy and Brunette – Lily) Bar : Twin (Blonde – Lucy) and her friend (Sarah)

(City main map – C-store) :

Convenience store : convenience store girl (Alice) (City main map – Resident area) :

Principal family : Principal’s daughter and grandaughter (Dana & Becky)

Suburbs Housewives

(City main map – Church) : Nun (Maria) (City main map – Adult shop)

(City main map – Hospital) : Nurse (Emily), Doctor (Anne), Doctor’s mother (Amanda) (City main map – Police St.) : Policewoman (Michelle)

(City main map – Simpson’s)

(City main map – Subway) : wagon girls, woman to harass (City main map – Playground) : housewives and their children

(City main map – School) : Ex-teacher (Mrs Simpson), Principal (Melissa) (City main map – Home) :

Megan’s house : Neighbour (Megan), Neighbour’s daughter (nurse) (Emily) Work (access Heather’s cafe) : Boss (Heather)

Home : Mother (Jenny), Sister (Nicole) Sanctuary

City other areas

(City other area map – Apartment) : Grandmother’s apartment : Grandmother (Sophia)

Justin’s house : Justin’s mom (Mrs Robinson)

(City other area map – Fastfood) : Fat mother and daughter

(City other area map – Casino) (City other area map – Beach)

(City other area map – Airport) : Stewardesses

(City other area map – Coffee shop) : Coffe shop waitress (City other area map – Subway)

(City other area map – TV station)

Info on “sharing”

From what I have seen the most you “share” your women (main women only, those listed on the phone) with other men is in general letting others oggle them.

As for touching them except somme touching ass of Jenny in maid outfit while working in the cafe, there is nothing else (I might have missed something).

Your women are having lesbian tendencies when they reach at least level 1 corruption.

The women not on your phone are “free public use” which don’t have a name are “free public use”.

The women with names are “whores” but we don’t see them have s*x with others in the scenes.

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