Diablo Immortal – Blood Rose location and how to defeat the boss

The Bloody Rose is one of the most well-known world bosses in Diablo Immortal. Due to its peculiarity of regenerating health when attacking players, the boss becomes very difficult to defeat if the correct strategy is not used.

As Blood Rose’s health scales with the number of players in the arena, it’s easier to defeat her with a small group. That’s because the more people, the greater the chance of players using the wrong technique.

Blood Rose

Blood Rose location in Diablo Immortal

You can find this boss in the same place as during the main story. The Blood Rose is in the northwestern part of the Misty Forest.

If she is killed, she will be reborn a little later. The exact time is not known, but it is between 15 and 30 minutes. A message is sent to all players just before it respawns, giving them time to get there.

Blood Rose location

Tips against the Blood Rose

Know that you can beat this boss with 2 or 3 players (even less) without difficulty if they play well. Boss health increases with the number of players in the area, so it can be 2-3 million, or even go over 20 million.

It is certainly the boss for which the difficulty increases the most with the number of players, as it will regularly use a life-draining technique. More targets means there’s a greater chance that people will get the strategy wrong and recover the boss’s health.

Blood Rose’s Attack Patterns

  • A large laser that sweeps the area: you can avoid it by staying on the sides, or by crossing it with a movement skill that makes it invunerable;
  • Pools of blood in the area: avoid standing in it.
  • Long thorny vines that reach a line in the area in front of you: it is necessary to get out of it before the attack.

During combat

  • The real difficulty of the fight is the life leech. Rose starts using after losing a health bar or two. When she prepares her attack, which makes a characteristic noise, players have to move away, especially those melee ones. Run in the opposite direction to keep your distance;
  • The left corner of the screen is the best place to be, especially for characters that deal damage from a distance;
  • Before this life leech attack, the Bloody Rose makes a mark on the ground. But it’s hard to see if you’re fighting more than 10 players crammed into the screen. Upon hearing the scream, stop attacking immediately and run in the opposite direction.

Blood Rose Loot

  • The only guaranteed item on this boss in Torment 1 is the Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge and is only useful for those who have already unlocked the Sanctum in Legacy of the Horadrim;
  • Blood Rose can also drop Arcane Dust, as well as drop different quality items and legendaries if you’re lucky.