Diablo Immortal – Lassal location and how to defeat the boss

In addition to reaching level 60, one of the first objectives in Diablo Immortal is to defeat Lassal the Scorch. But the adventure to defeat the Helliquary boss is not easy and requires eight players for the raid.

Because of the difficulty, the game chat is usually a big zone of non-clan players trying to form groups to defeat the boss. See in this guide some information and how to defeat Lassal in Diablo Immortal.

How to unlock Lassal in Diablo Immortal?

Access to this boss is achieved in several stages, the first is completing the main story missions. Then follow a series of quests with the Hellraiser in the main square of Westmarch.

You, eventualy, will have to face hordes of demons with the help of the map. The last step is to face Pyl. When finished, the tree in the middle of the city will turn into a portal.

Now you will be able to create a raid to face Lassal the Scorched, or enter a lobby already set up.


Preparations to face Lassal

The best thing to do is wait, you only need to kill him once a week. If you reach level 50 or even 60, the fight will be much easier. But remember, the raids to face Lassal are only available on Mondays and Thursdays.

Recommended Combat Rate is 420 for level 1 and 1250 for level 2.

Tips against Lassal the Scorch

The fight is divided into 4 stages of increasing difficulty. It’s nothing too complicated if you have a strong enough party, but mastering the mechanics will make all the difference when playing low-level characters.

Each time Lassal loses a health bar, he advances to the next phase. Sometimes the boss seems to get stuck, which helps a lot.

  • Tip: Use the Life Globe dispensers at the edges of the room. Also give priority to doing companion resurrections;
  • Phase 1: Lassal will unleash 180° attacks in front of him, they are displayed on the ground. Leave the area from the sides or behind;
  • Phase 2: Lassal will summon monsters in the room, you must kill the 4 worms located in the corners as quickly as possible. They spew fireballs in all directions and greatly hinder healing or resuscitation of allies. In this phase, Lassal gains a new attack, he will jump at a player, which will cause a red circle to appear on the ground. Be careful, as it is a very dangerous blow;
  • Phase 3: Lassal will throw rocks, you have to avoid them. A stone that falls without hitting anyone will form an obstacle that serves as protection against the boss’s firestorm. When an alert warns you that it’s coming, with flames on the screen and a boss emote, hide in the shadow of the stone as the hit is a hit kill;
  • The boss will regularly turn 2 players into a “bomb”. A red aura will surround them and follow them. They must move away from other players so as not to damage them. Do not stay in melee if affected;
  • Phase 4: Lassal will again summon monsters to kill urgently, then use all his attacks from previous phases. Try to kill him as fast as possible to shorten the fight, now is the time to use potions, ultimates and others.

Lassal Rewards in Diablo Immortal

  • The unique item Flame Twisted Claw can be placed in Helliquary for a bonus to Combat Rate and Rifts;
  • Slag can be refined at the blacksmith to upgrade the shrine and gain a passive combat score bonus;
  • You will receive a glorious chest with random items;
  • A Horadrim Sanctum rune will also be unlocked. It can be placed in the shrine to obtain bonus damage.