Diablo Immortal Legacy of the Horadrim: Figure out the Sanctum of Iben Faad

This optional area has an altar to equip runes that give various bonuses to various attributes. Find out all about the Legacy of the Horadrim and how to get the Sanctum Vessels.

Diablo Immortal offers many different high-level activities to gain power. One of them is the Legacy of the Horadrim, and it’s all too easy to miss or underestimate the impact of this mechanic.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the Shrine of the Horadrim, what to do in it, the runes that can be upgraded, and how to get the nine Vessels placed on the altar.

How to unlock the Legacy of the Horadrim

Unlike most game elements, such as the Heliquary, it is possible to “lose” the Horadrim Sanctum. The fastest way is to do the Challenge Rift Level 10 challenge. The boss will drop a legendary item, Caldessan’s Compassion. You must be at least level 49 to activate the related quest.

From there, the game will guide you as usual, and you walk between different characters in Westmarch, before asking you to open the Horadrim shrine hidden by a statue. This also matches the objective: Sanctum of Iben Faad in the Codex.

How the Legacy of the Horadrim works

You”ll find an altar in the middle of the room on which the receptacles of the different Horadrim (which can be found in the game) can be placed, then upgraded with killstones gained locally, they are: grenade, beryl and sapphire.

These stones are obtained from chests at the back of the shrine, and you need the Aspirant’s Keys to open them. After accumulating these special gems, use them to level up equipped runes on the altar. Thus, your character will gain different attributes, depending on each improved receptacle.

Obtain the Aspirant’s Keys

Every day, you can venture into the depths of the shrine to complete a very simple mini-dungeon where enemies will drop Aspirant Keys. They are not automatically picked up, so be careful.

Once this dungeon is complete, you arrive in the vault room, which asks for the keys to be opened. Here are the main sources of the Aspirant’s Keys:

  • 4 per day the mini-dungeon before the chests
  • 5 per day at the Merchant of Honors
  • Battle Pass Levels
  • PvP Battleground Ranks
  • Open a chest in an Elder Rift with Daedess’s Blessing (Shadow Faction)
  • Get Blessings at Shadowmeet Evening at 6pm
  • Complete the Trial of Kion as an Immortal
  • It can also be found in various Premium Packs in the store (if you are willing to pay with real money)

Open several chests with the keys

The first chest in the shrine is always free, but contains only one gem of each type. The cost in Aspirant Keys to open subsequent chests increases exponentially, but the amount of stones inside also increases.

When you open all the chests in a room, the door to the next room is unlocked. If you open all the chests in the area, a bonus chest will be offered.

We still haven’t been able to verify the exact ratio of keys to stones for all the chests, but it looks like it takes between 364 and 377 keys to open everything. You should therefore keep your keys for a long time or buy a lot of them at the store.

Due to the increase in keys and stones as chests are opened, save a large amount of keys to open multiple chests in a row. Since it’s not worth it to open just three or four a day.

Location of Horadrim Vessels

There are 10 vessels containing the essence of ancient Horadrim to find in the game. Place these runes on the altar of the Sanctum of Iben Faad and upgrade them with slaughter stones. Thus, you will get very good bonuses in various attributes.

  • Caldessan’s Compassion: Complete a Level 10 Challenge Rift (required to unlock the Legacy of the Horadrim). Bonus: Pierce Armor;
  • Iben Faad’s Tenacity: Probably the hardest to obtain as it is discovered randomly by opening one of the chests with wannabe keys. It will basically depend on luck; Bonuses: damage and health;
  • Guilt of the Incognito: Defeat the Sandstone Golem in Zoltun Kell’s Library on Torment difficulty. He is randomly summoned by collecting 5 Lost Pages and activating a Tome. Bonus: stamina;
  • Zoltun Kell’s Invention: In the same Zoltun Kell Library, the randomly summoned boss can be the Flesh Art Hydra. Defeat her to earn the rune. Bonus: potency;
  • Cathan’s Mercy: On Mount Zavain, use the altar on the tomb and then defeat the boss Lord Martanos on Torment 1 difficulty. Bonus: Armor;
  • Nilfur’s Accuracy: Defeat the Ancestral Nightmare boss in the central part of Mount Zavain. You have to activate the altars on your way to deactivate your shield. This event takes place on specific days and times. Bonus: Pierce Armor;
  • Knowledge of Nor Tiraj: Defeat the Bloody Rose world boss in the Misty Forest. Bonus: life;
  • Tal Rasha’s Authority: Defeat Lassal the Scorch in Infernication. Bonus: damage;
  • Jered Cain’s Vision: Defeat the Skarn boss in story mode. Bonuses: potency and endurance;