Diablo Immortal – Lord Martanos: Location and how to defeat the boss

Lord Martanos is probably the easiest world boss to find in Diablo Immortal. Unlike Bloody Rose, where more players end up making the fight difficult, it is advisable to face Martanos with a large group.

Location of Lord Martanos

Lord Martanos is located at the northwest end of the cemetery on Mount Zavain. Unlike some bosses such as Hydra or Golem, Martanos can be fought at Normal level, with no need for Torment (but if you want to, you can too!).

Zakarum Graveyard

Once there, there are several possibilities. Another player may have already summoned Martanos, and the boss is waiting for you in the room. Just attack him then. If not, try activating the Tomb Altar in front of the sarcophagus. If it’s charged, the lord will appear, otherwise you’ll have to wait up to 30 minutes to summon him.

As Martanos is a World Boss, it is not necessary to be in a group to face him. Just attack him once to be entitled to the rewards received after the boss dies.

Tips on fighting Lord Martanos

First, don’t try to get Lord Martanos to leave the combat room. Going sideways is acceptable, but don’t go upstairs and don’t try to bring him to another location.

The peculiarity of this boss is that he is in a room full of monsters, which respawn quickly. This can include groups of blue or even yellow elite monsters.

This is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it will make the fight very chaotic and increase the damage taken. On the other hand, these enemies will drop orbs to recharge health. This is useful to stay alive for as long as necessary.

Martanos behaves like a crusader, but without his horse (thankfully). He hits pretty hard in melee.

He also uses several ranged attacks, such as the spinning shield. This blow is vicious as it will knock you down and potentially hit you many times if you stand in its way. It’s quite possible to die with a single shield, especially if it blocks you against an obstacle.

Pay attention to the blue areas on the floor. It deals damage over time. Whenever you see one, get out of the range as quickly as possible.

Loot from Lord Martanos 

Martanos drops yellow Arcane Dust and miscellaneous items. You can get a legendary with luck, but it’s not guaranteed. The Vessel: Mercy of Cathan is a guaranteed item for anyone who has already unlocked the Sanctum in Legacy of the Horadrim, but only from Torment difficulty 1 onwards!