Diablo Immortal – Sandstone Golem location and how to defeat the boss

The process for summoning the Sandstone Golem in Diablo Immortal is similar to the one used to fight the Flesh Art Hydra. Both are located in Zoltun Kell’s Library but spawn at different locations within the area.

How to summon the Sandstone Golem?

You must be level 60 and play at least Torment 1 difficulty, as the Zoltun Kell Library area event is not available on Normal difficulty. You need to pick up at least 5 Lost Pages on the floor to recreate a Portal Tome and use it by clicking on the interface.

The result is random, it can create a portal to a treasure chamber, summon the Flesh Art Hydra, or summon the Sandstone Golem. This is unpredictable and can take many tries before getting the desired result.

There are two options: the first is to simply wait in the area until a player summons the Golem. You have up to 3 minutes to reach the area before it appears. As it is a world boss, it is summoned for everyone, that is, it is not necessary to be in a group.

The other option is to try to summon the Sandstone Golem yourself. But this task is best done in a group, to simplify the collection of pages. If a teammate picks up a page, it will count for the entire team.

By doing it alone, you run the risk of “missing” pages that another player can grab before you. Being in a group also makes it easier to distract and defeat monsters that are getting in the way.

Location of the Sandstone Golem

The Sandstone Golem appears further north of Zoltun Kell’s Library, starting from Torment difficulty 1. It is the room after a long series of corridors and a magical sand bridge.

Sanstone Golem Location

If you enter the area, but you don’t see the Golem when other players are in the area, try to change the area and then come back again to enter the correct phase.

Tips against the Sandstone Golem

This boss is not difficult, at least if you play in a hard mode adapted to your level. The Sandstone Golem has a fire blast that covers the entire area and inflicts light damage, it’s almost impossible to avoid, so manage your potions and life globes well.

The boss will also jump all over the area and send out some AoEs, but it’s nothing too difficult as long as you avoid staying in it and manage your health well. Even though the Stone Golem’s health increases based on the number of players in the area, it is easier to defeat with a lot of players than with a few.

Sandstone Golem Loot

The Sandstone Golem drops yellow Arcane Dust and miscellaneous items. You can get a legendary with luck, but it’s not guaranteed. If you’ve already unlocked the Legacy of the Horadrim Shrine, you’ll earn the Vessel: Guilt of the Incognito.