Divimera Walkthrough


When a sudden storm wrecks your ship, the only survivors are you, your sister and her nanny. The three of you are washed ashore on an uncharted island, but only two of you are rescued, taken in by an undocumented British colony.

Now your sister is missing… They’re telling you she is dead, that no one could survive outside the village, but you know better. You’ll find her, whatever it takes.

Soon, it becomes clear that the island holds many dark secrets which could threaten your life and sanity. Just where did these people come from? Why does no one go into the woods at night? What are these strange looks everyone gives you? And what has happened to your sister? Your quest is complicated by the island’s many, beautiful women who all seem to have a special interest in you… and secret agendas of their own…

Will you uncover the island’s secrets before they consume you? Or will you give in to temptation and depravity?

Divimera Walkthrough

Divimera Walkthrough

Day 1

  • “Use her Title”
  • Leave, short scene with male butler, and go to the right hallway.
  • Feed bird if you want to.
  • Click door for a talk with Charlotte. Afterwards she will leave a note on the bottom of the door.
  • Head back to butler dude.
  • Try clicking the stairs and captain c*ckblock blocks your path, so click just below the stairs.
  • Click left hallway then the only door.
  • Exit back and now right hallway.
  • Enter first door, this is the maid bedroom. Second door, stock room with creepy trap door.
  • Now head back to the 4 way hub since we DONT want to go to the kitchen yet. Go to the middle door.
  • Congrats, you found the porch. Now click the staircase going out to the garden to meet the Groundskeeper.
  • With nothing left to click, we head to the kitchen. Head back to the 4 way hub and take the right hallway.
  • Door at the end is the kitchen, here some convo with a new diary entry at the end.
  • Go to the 4 way hub and click the bottom of the screen to go out the front door.
  • Press “C”, & go to “Left Bank”. Click the door and go upstairs for a s*x scene.
  • Now click left of the door for a convo with some old lady.
  • Press “C”, & go to “Tavern”. Click the chairs to enter it.
  • After the convo press “C”, & go to “Town Center”. Click the first door on the right.
  • Now click the center path. After short convo click the jail cell under the stocks.
  • Press “C”, & go to “Gates”. If you didn’t do any of the steps below, especially the s*x scene click no and go back now.
  • “Pretend you’ve never met”.
  • “Remain silent.”
  • “Look to Lily for help.”

Day 2

  • “Accept Lily’s assistance.”
  • Nothing in chest, nor the room next to you. So head to where the butler used to be.
  • Guess what? C*ckblock be gone. Go to the right hallway and attempt to talk to Charlotte.
  • Nothing, so head back and click the stairs finally.
  • Go left and get some crippled f*ck. Click the door just because then head back and go right.
  • Click the door again just because then head back & go back down stairs.
  • Go to that 4 way path again. Head to the left hallway & click the door. Congrats you found Charlotte.
  • “Pretend to like it.”
  • Now go through the middle door to find butler in the Garden.
  • Go back and go right. 1st door is now locked oddly. 2nd door the cellar still locked. Now Kitchen.
  • Dentures b**ch talks to you, now leave through the side door which evidently takes you to the front of the house.
  • Yay, a side quest.
  • Head back inside and go towards your room. Instead of clicking your room click the window. I don’t know why it’s clickable or if it’ll have any significance later so here you go.
  • Head back to the front of the house and Press “C” then pick “Left Bank”.
  • Click the door and now you got a new quest.
  • Click “C” and go to “Tavern”.
  • Click “C” and go to “Town Center”. Watch a scene and you’ll end up in a new location.
  • Go to the left path and click the flower.
  • Now click the door, short scene, then pick up the candle. Grab another quest after talking to the guy inside.
  • Press “C” and go to “Gate” for a short convo.
  • Press “C” and go to “Tavern” for a short convo.
  • Press “C” and go to “Town Center”, now enter the hospital place. If you use the flower here you get a potion that restores sanity, but since we’re all cheaters here you can just use a save editor to give yourself the item.
  • Go to the center of the town and talk to the guy in the cell for another quest.
  • Press “C” and go to “Tavern” to get a beer. Go back to the cell and give it to the guy in the cell.
  • Now Press “C” and go to “Left Bank”. Talk to the old tiddy lady.
  • Now “C” then “Manor”.
  • Click the door on the right of the building (Kitchen) then go to the storage room for a small convo with Lily.
  • Enter the 4 way hub.
  • “Apologize for your behaviour.”
  • Now give her the Flowers (flatter her).
  • Go to Charlottes room.
  • “Just wandering around.”
  • Feed the parrot for no particular reason.
  • Press “C” and go to “Rough Houses”.
  • Go left, then into the middle house. Click the table for a tinderbox & use it.
  • Now click the top of the ladder.
  • Click the tinderbox again, read the note from our favorite w**re, then click under the bed.
  • Now head straight ahead and continue forward.
  • HAHAHA I KILLED YOU, press the rewind button when it pops up and get the f*ck out of there.
  • Go back to the manor & to the storage room with the cellar. Use the lockpick on it.
  • Go inside and use the tinderbox.
  • Since you have no space to hold a bottle, head towards your room for a small cutscene and to put the glass bottle into the chest.
  • Head up the stairs where c*ckblock usually stands and see cripple f*ck for a small scene.
  • Head towards your bedroom and click that window to get an erectio- I mean vision thingy.
  • Now leave the place and press “C” and go to “Town Center”. Go to the cell and use the lockpick.
  • Now release the guy after the cutscene with the chick.
  • HAHAHAHAHAHA I KEEP KILLING YOU, press the rewind button and go back to the manor.
  • Go to your room and click the food on the table.

Day 3

  • Leave your room and see a small scene + 2 quests.
  • Knock on Charlotte’s door for another quest.
  • Head to the servant’s bedroom.
  • “Succumb to the siren song.”
  • Go to the Garden for a small convo.
  • Head to Left Bank, click on the door and give her the wine.
  • Go upstairs for a scene.
  • Go to the Tavern for a quest.
  • No go to the Rough Houses and go down that path I killed you on. That’s where Arabelle’s house is.
  • Head to the red ! on the map.
  • Go to town center & tavern for some thicc lore (not really, just do it tho).
  • Now go to left bank. Enter the s*x dungeon, watermill, for tiny text. Then go talk to the old lady on the left path for diary entry.
  • Head to Arabelle’s house for a short nude scene & quest.
  • Give her the candle (idky but keeping hot girls happy is usually a good idea).
  • Go to left bank and enter the watermill, go upstairs and grab the hat.
  • Go to cemetery and click the grave. New entry added.
  • Go home for butler convo.
  • Head to kitchen for small convo.
  • Now head towards garden and you’ll get another convo.
  • Head out of the gate, then pick lock the door to get a shovel.
  • Now go upstairs for a lewd scene with Lady Hale.
  • Now to charlotte’s room for a lewd scene.
  • Go to gates.
  • “Stay where you are.”
  • Go to Church (if you forgot anything click no).
  • Go grave digging now (weirdo…)
  • Go to the town center and talk to the doctor.
  • Now go back to Anabelle’s and give her the necro —-.
  • Yay — scene.
  • “Let her continue”
  • Go back home.

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