Guide for all endings in Elden Rings

It’s no easy task to get 100% of Elden Ring’s trophies and achievements. To accomplish this feat, it is necessary to obtain the three endings of the game, and each of them depends on several actions performed throughout the journey, even if the ultimate decision is made at the last second.

Preparing for each of the endings

The end of Elden Ring is only decided at the last minute of the game. After defeating Radagon of the Golden Order, you will be able to choose your fate by tapping what remains of the Pristine Ring.

It’s also possible to leave the room after the last battle and return to the Midlands, which allows you to complete any of the following endings even though you’re so close to the end.

Once you choose an ending and the credits go up, you can return to your world before starting a new game. A question will be asked that will give you this possibility.

However, you will return to your world without being able to change the choices that define the Tainted ending, and you will need to finish the whole story all over again.

So, for those who want to do all the endings without having to restart the game, it is necessary to keep a save in the cloud from the moment before the final battle: just keep the synchronization off in the menu and download the save again as soon as you complete each of the endings.

Lord of the Pristine Ring Ending

Lord of the Pristine Ring

The default ending for Elden Ring is Lord of the Pristine Ring Ending. To reach this ending, you don’t need to do anything other than complete the entire main quest. As soon as you kill the last boss and touch the remains of the ring, you will be able to choose it from the options.

However, for those who like to explore everything hidden in the game, there are some variations of this ending when completing the quests of some NPCs.

Fia, the NPC who hugs you in Roundtable, has a questline that unlocks the Prince of Death Repair Rune, which can be used for an alternate Pristine Lord ending called Age of Fracture. The final scene is slightly different and does not change the trophy or achievement received, but it is interesting for anyone who wants to know more about the history of Elden Ring.

Dung Eater and Corhyn are the other two NPCs who also have a questline that grants a rune to change the default ending, thus spawning the Age of Despair and Age of Order respectively.

Age of The Stars Ending

Age of Stars

The first step is to complete the entire Ranni side questline, which grants you the iconic Moonlight Greatsword.

After completing this questline, just proceed as normal until you defeat the last boss, just like in Lord Pristine. However, instead of interacting with the remains of the ring, notice that there’s a summon sign on the floor, in blue color. Interact with it to summon Ranni and see a different ending.

Lord of Frenzied Flame Ending

Lord of Frenzied Flame

Finally, there’s the Lord of Frenzied Flame ending, which can be considered the bad ending to Elden Ring. However, this ending requires some steps and care.

Once you’ve eliminated the last boss, head back to Leyndell, which is now destroyed, and go through the hole that leads to the city’s sewers. This hole is very close to where you arrived after defeating the Ruin of Farum Azula boss. Go through the sewer until you reach the boss, a different version of Lord Mogh, and defeat him.

Behind Mogh is an alter that serves as a secret passage, hit the altar to clear the way. In this new area, you have to go down to the bottom, which requires jumping from floor to floor very carefully so as not to hit the ground.

In the background, there is a rather strange door, with lava and fire details. To go through it, you have to take off all your character’s armor and enter practically naked. Fingers will brand you with fire forever and your Tainted’s eyes will turn orange – this is the effect that precludes any other ending. Now, just go to the remains of the ring and interact to see the Lord of Frenzied Flame Ending

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