Elden Ring: Tips, Strategies, and How to Defeat Margit the Fallen Omen

Margit, the Fallen Omen, is the first major boss of the Elden Ring. Precisely because he is encountered so early in the journey through the Midlands, he is perhaps one of the most difficult to face. Especially if you haven’t leveled your character.

It’s essential to have explored quite a bit of the map before and improved your weapons. Margit is located at the entrance of Castle Veil, and although he is an optional boss for the story, the Fallen Omen is a must for anyone who wants to enter the castle and eventually face Godrick the Grafted.

Margit location

The boss drops 12,000 runes and a talisman pouch, item when equipped increases the amount of amulets that can be used. Check out tips and strategies to defeat Margit the Fallen Omen in Elden Ring.

Preparations before facing Margit

  • Dodge will be your best option for this battle, focus on not having such heavy armor.
  • Use the summoning ashes of Lone Wolves or Jellyfish Spirit. Spirits are ideal for distracting Margit, leaving you with good openings to attack.
  • Use the Margit’s Handcuff during battle:
  1. Access the Turmoil Caves to enter the Caves of the Mausoleum Wing. 
  2. Defeat Patches and forgive him after defeating him. 
  3. Reload the area in grace and he will now be a merchant. 
  4. For 5,000 runes, you can buy Margit’s Handcuff, an item that makes the boss immobile for a few seconds. 
  5. Handcuffs can only be used twice and only in the first boss stage.

The fight against Margit

Margit with its hammer
  • Margit combines brute strength and agility, defeating him is no easy task. His punches have immense range, whether in front of him or around him. Never feel safe, always seek to be on the move and abuse dodges.
  • Be careful at the end of the boss’s melee attacks because he likes to throw two daggers right after.
  • Use a lot of jumping with strong attack, but don’t do it randomly. Wait for your spirits to catch the boss’s attention. 
  • If Wolves or Jellyfish are dying early, only summon them in the second phase of the battle. Even because in the first one you can use Margit’s Handcuffs.
  • When Margit’s health is low enough (around 60 or 50%), it will start using a sword and hammer. And the hammer, although fatal, ends up bringing the best opening for you to attack.
  • Margit will jump up high and slam the hammer into the ground. Dodge close to him and deliver two powerful blows while he recovers from the jump. This attack is pretty easy to dodge. But don’t be greedy. Trying to hit more than twice will get you hit almost every time.