Elden Ring: Trophy and Achievements Guide

Elden Ring has 42 trophies/achievements, one less than Dark Souls 3 with its DLCs. There will likely be more when the game gets its expansion content in the future. Anyone familiar with FromSoftware’s past titles should know well what to expect from the list. Some are very easy to get, and others not so much. There’s a mix of everything from discovering locations, killing bosses, finding all items of a specific type, and most importantly, discovering the six different endings.

Therefore, you will have to complete the game several times to get all the trophies. Easily count several hundred hours of gameplay, even though this can vary greatly depending on your level of play and how you use the guides! After all, it’s much faster knowing precisely what to do.

Check out the list of all 42 trophies and general guidelines on how to claim them. So naturally, the content below offers major spoilers for Elden Ring.

Elden Ring
Got all trophies
You will need to beat the game at least three times to get this trophy, as there are three achievements for different endings in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Trophy and Achievements Guide

This session makes up the bulk of the game’s trophies. After completing the story, it is possible to continue playing and hunting optional bosses. We’ve put them in the order in which it’s most natural to face them, but that can change depending on how each player develops their journey.

Margit, the Fell Omen
Defeated Margit, the Fell Omen
The boss at the entrance to Stormveil Castle in Limgrave. See our guide on how to defeat Margit the Fallen Omen.

Leonine Misbegotten
Defeated the Leonine Misbegotten
The head of Castle Morne at the southern tip of the Peninsula of Tears in Limgrave.

Shardbearer Godrick
Defeated Shardbearer Godrick
It’s the final boss of Stormveil Castle in Limgrave.

Ancestor Spirit
Defeated the Ancestor Spirit
Boss to summon in the underground area of ​​the Siofra River, you can enter by elevator in the eastern forest of Limgrave. You need to light eight flames to start the fight.

Royal Knight Loretta
Defeated Loretta the Royal Knight
Head of the Mansion of Caria, northwest of the Liurnia dos Lagos region.

Red Wolf of Radagon
Defeated the Red Wolf of Radagon
The first head of the Academy of Raya Lucaria, in Liurnia dos Lagos. See our guide on how to defeat the Red Wolf of Radagon.

Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon
Defeated Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon
The final boss of the Academy of Raya Lucaria, in Liurnia dos Lagos. See our guide on how to defeat Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon.

Magma Wyrm Makar
Defeated Makar’s Magma Wyrm
The boss of the Gael Tunnel dungeon, north of Lake Liurnia and west of the Great Elevator of Dectus.

Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella
Defeated Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella
Final boss of the first part of the Ainsel River area, you can access it via the elevator east of Liurnia.

Shardbearer Radahn
Defeated Shardbearer Radahn
Final boss of Red Mane Castle, southeast of Caelid. See our guide on how to defeat Star Scourge Radahn.

Mimic Tear
Defeated the Mimic Tear
It is located in Nokron, Eternal City. Location accessible only through the hole opened with Radahn’s death.

Regal Ancestor Spirit
Defeated Regal Ancestor Spirit
Optional boss in Nokron, Eternal City. Six obelisks are to be lit in the Sacred Field of Horns.

Valiant Gargoyle
Defeated Valiant Gargoyle
One of the bosses of Nokron, Eternal City. Defeating her unlocks access to the Deep Root Abysses.

Lichdragon Fortissax
Defeated Lichdragon Fortissax
You must do at least part of Ranni’s quests to do Fia’s. Give the Cursed Mark of Death obtained from Ranni’s quests to Fia.

Elemer of the Briar
Defeated Elemer of the Briar
You’ll find Elemer in Shaded Castle, north of the map, located between Altus Plateau and Mount Gelmir.

Godskin Noble
Defeated Godskin Noble
Boss of the Volcanic Mansion, located on top of Mount Gelmir, northwest of the map.

Shardbearer Rykard
Defeated Shardbearer Rykard
Final boss of the Volcanic Mansion. You can walk around the entire area facing off against your enemies and bosses or complete the faction assassination missions and be teleported directly to the battle area entrance. See our guide on how to defeat Rykard, Blasphemer Lord.

Mohg, the Omen
Defeated Mohg, the Omen
An optional boss hidden deep in the sewers below Leyndell, Royal Capital.

Astel, Naturalborn of the Void
Defeated Astel, Naturalborn of the Void
Mandatory boss for Ranni the Witch quests.

Godfrey the First Lord
Defeated Godfrey, the Pristine First Lord
Leyndell’s first mandatory boss, Royal Capital. You must climb the dragon and go through the tree branches to reach the room where he resides.

Shardbearer Morgott
Defeated Shardbearer Morgott
The ruler of Leyndell, Royal Capital. You will have to kill him to access the Mountain of Giants. See our guide on how to defeat Morgott the Omen King.

Commander Niall
Defeated Commander Niall
Boss of Castle Sol, located north of Giant’s Mountain. Killing him is necessary to get half of the Secret Medallion from the Holy Tree. See our guide on how to defeat Commander Niall.

Fire Giant
Defeated the Fire Giant
The final boss of Mountain of Giants is located further east. After defeating him, you will be approaching a point of no return in terms of story.

Shardbearer Mohg
Defeated Shardbearer Mohg
Head of Mohgwyn Palace. You need access to the Consecrated Snowfield to find teleporters or do Varré’s quests.

Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree
Defeated Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree
While still in the Consecrated Snowfield, activate the four statues in Ordina, Sacramental City. Then, use the city portal to reach Miquella’s Sacred Tree. Mandatory boss for anyone doing Millicent’s quests.

Dragonlord Placidusax
Defeated Dragonlord Placidusax
Optional boss located in Farum Azula Ruin.

Shardbearer Malenia
Defeated Shardbearer Malenia
Optional boss located in Elphael, Holy Tree Support. Mandatory boss for anyone who wants to get rid of the Frenzy Flame. See our guide on how to defeat Malenia, Goddess of Rot.

Godskin Duo
Defeated Godskin Duo
Mandatory boss in Ruin of Farum Azula.

Maliketh, the Black Blade
Defeated Maliketh the Blackblade
Final boss of the Ruin of Farum Azula.

Hoarah Loux the Warrior
Defeated Hoarah Loux the Warrior
Godfrey’s true form is the penultimate boss needed to complete the story in Leyndell, Gray Capital. First, you must set the Erdtree on fire and defeat Maliketh, the Blackblade.

Interestingly, no trophy is dedicated to the last boss of Elden Ring. However, other endgame achievements exist to “fill in” this absence.

It won’t be necessary to collect all the spells, incantations, and the like for the first time. There is also no need to find 100% weapons or talismans. Instead, you just need to find a few specific ones. On the other hand, these “specificities” are legendary, which can still be a lot of work.

Great Rune
Restored the power of a Great Rune
You must defeat a shard-bearing boss and then restore your main rune.

God-Slaying Armament
Upgraded any armament to its highest stage
Level up a weapon of any type at +25 or a special weapon at +10. Elder Dragon Forge Stone (normal) and Elder Dragon Shadow Forge Stone (special) will be required.

Legendary Armaments
Acquired all legendary armaments
There are nine legendary weapons in total. Bosses drop some and others around the map.

Legendary Ashen Remains
Acquired all legendary ashen remains
There are six legendary ashes in total. Therefore, it is necessary to do Ranni’s quests to get this trophy.

Legendary Sorceries and Incantations
Acquired all legendary sorceries and incantations
There are four spells and three legendary incantations.

Legendary Talismans
Acquired all legendary talismans
There are eight legendary talismans in total.

Story-related Trophies

Warning! Spoilers!

Roundtable Hold
Arrived at the Roundtable Hold
Melina will automatically offer to teleport you to the area after you change regions, explore enough, or kill Margit the Fallen Omen.

Erdtree Aflame
Used kindling to set the Erdtree aflame
After defeating the Fire Giant, climb up to reach the northern edge of the Giant’s Forge. While resting at the grace point, Melina will offer to set the Erdtree on fire. By default, she will sacrifice herself, but you can do it for her if you visit Frenzy Flame under the Royal Capital. You’ll earn this trophy either way.

Elden Lord
Achieved the “Elden Lord” ending
To obtain this trophy, you need to achieve the main ending of the game. It is unlocked by killing the last boss and interacting with Marika without unique options that allow access to another ending.

Lord of Frenzied Flame
Achieved the “Lord of Frenzied Flame” ending
Unlocked by visiting the Frenzied Flame under the Royal Capital and then setting the Tree on fire alone. Then, see the guide on how to make the Frenzy Flame Lord end and save Melina.

Age of Stars
Achieved the “Age of the Stars” ending
The best possible ending, you will have to fulfill many conditions. This involves finishing Ranni the Witch’s quests. See our guide with her questline.