Extra Life Walkthrough [0.3]


What if you had a new chance in life? What if you could make it better than all those years of misery and harassment? 

What if you could get revenge on all the people who wronged you and get what you always desired…. 

What will you do, with this chance as you wake up in a youthful body, thirty years in the past? The choice is yours.

Extra Life Walkthrough

  1. Yasuka
    a. Maybe it’s a good idea!
    b. I don’t think it’s a good idea.
    c. Uh… isn’t that kind of a sexual profession?
  2. Noriko
    a. In your dreams Noriko! Starts Masturbation scene route
    b. Go f*ck yourself Noriko! Starts BJ scene route
  3. Akira
    a. What do you want?
    b. Leave me Alone…
  4. Yasuka
    a. I’d rather go to bed…
    b. If you want…
    i. I think I’m a little old for that, but thanks for the offer
    ii. Uh…I mean I’m an adult now. That’s be a little weird, right?
    iii. Well, if it’s what you want, how can I refuse? Unlocks sleeping
    with Yasuka
  5. Noriko (Masturbation Route)
    a. Negotiate
    b. Intimidating
  6. Noriko (BJ Route)
    a. Menace
    b. Intimidating
  7. Macumba
    a. …
  8. Noriko (Masturbation Route)
    a. Turn off WiFi
    b. Click on her Computer
  9. Noriko (BJ Route)
    a. Give me the MP3 player
    b. How much do you want to keep it a secret Noriko? +H scene
  10. Yasuka
    a. Talk
    b. MP3 Player
  11. Saito (Noriko’s masturbation route)
    a. Listening at the door +H scene
    b. I’m busy
  12. Macumba (visit him at night at the Park)
    a. MP3 Player
  13. Chaki
    1. It’s a promise!
    2. Of course!
  14. Macumba
    a. …All things considered, maybe I’ll run somewhere else…
    b. Go without waiting, your an*l virginity is at stake!

    Visit Macumba every day for ‘Training’ followed by weights in the afternoon after unlocking ‘I need power’
  15. Asami
    a. Do it yourself! Path not yet developed by Devs
    b. Okay! Unlocks Minato’s house
  16. Asami
    a. Okay, how could I refuse such a proposal?
    b. No, I don’t want to be a buffer.
Extra Life Walkthrough

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