Factorio Cheats: Quick guide on Console Commands for PC

Factorio is one of the most popular games in the strategy genre. You’ll play as an astronaut that is stranded on the surface of a distant unknown planet, that is full with low life forms and fossil fuels. Your main objective is to survive and build a rocket to leave the planet. Luckily, the main character has a scientific background, hence why he can build any machinery from steam engines to exoskeletons, power grids, and oil plants. However with some cheats your life can be really easier.

Console Commands

To use cheats and commands in Factorio, press “/” on your keyboard to open your console. Send commands by typing them into your chat then press ENTER.

alerts/alerts [enable / disable / mute / unmute] [alert type]His command will enable, disable, mute or unmute a specified alert, relative to the parameters you specify.
clear/clearHis command clears all previous messages that have been received in the console.
color/color [color name / rgba]His command will change your color to the specified color (either the name of a color, e.g. ‘white’, or to an RGBA value).
evolution/evolutionHis command will print information about the alien evolution factor of your current game.
help/help [command]F executed without an argument (just ‘/help’), it will send a list of all commands. If executed with an argument (e.g. ‘/help color’), detailed help about the specified command will be printed.
mute-programmable-speaker/mute-programmable-speaker [setting] [scope]His command can be used to both mute and unmute the programmable speaker. Using the argument “local” will mute/unmute the speaker for your client only, using the argument “everyone” will mute/unmute the speaker for everyone on the server.
perf-avg-frames/perf-avg-frames [tick amount]His command can be used to define the tick sample size for the average performance counter. This means the amount of ticks that will pass before the performance counter calculates an average. By default, this is set to 100 ticks, so the performance counter would calculate an average based on the past 100 ticks (every 100 ticks). A lower number would mean that an average is calculated more often, and the average would have a lower sample size.
permissions/permissionsHis command can be used to open the server permissions interface.
(Only for ADMINS)
screenshot/screenshot [resolution x] [resolution y] [zoom]His command can be used to take and automatically save a screenshot of your game with the GUI hidden. All arguments (resolution and zoom) are optional. The saved picture will be put in the ‘script-output’ folder, which can be found in your user data directory.
seed/seedHis command will print the starting seed of your current map.
time/timeHis command prints statistics relating to the age/date/time of the map.
toggle-action-logging/toggle-action-loggingHis command can be used to enable/disable (toggle) the logging of input actions to the console. This command is a client-side command, so it will only affect logging on your client if executed on a multiplayer server.
(Only for ADMINS)
toggle-heavy-mode/toggle-heavy-modeHis command is used to debug desyncs. When executed, the game will be slowed down and multiplayer will not work.
(Only for ADMINS)
toggle-rockets-sent-gui/toggle-rockets-sent-guiHis command enables or disables (toggles) the “rockets sent” button that’s displayed in the top left hand corner of your screen.
version/versionHis command prints the version of Factorio you are currently running.
admins/adminsHis command will show a list of the names of players who are admins on the server.
ban/ban [player name] [ban message]His command can be used to ban a player from your game. The ban reason will be shown to them. When banned, a player cannot join the server.
(Only for ADMINS)
banlist/banlist [add / remove / get / clear] [player name]His command can be used to administrate the ban list: remove bans, add bans, clear all bans and view a list of all bans.
config/config [get / set] [option] [value]His command can be used to adjust (set) and view (get) many configuration settings.
(Only for ADMINS)
delete-blueprint-library/delete-blueprint-library [player name]His command will delete the blueprint library storage for the specified player (if they are offline), or all offline players if you use the command ‘/delete-blueprint-library everybody confirm’.
(Only for ADMINS)
demote/demote [player name]His command will remove the administrator status from the specified player.
(Only for ADMINS)
ignore/ignore [player name]Se this command to ignore a player – ignoring a player means that you will not see messages they send in chat. Messages from administrators are still shown.
ignores/ignoresHis command will send you a list of all players you currently have ignored (unable to see the messages of).
kick/kick [player name] [kick reason]His command will kick a specified player from the server. Kicking is not the same as banning – after a player is kicked from the server, they can still reconnect.
(Only for ADMINS)
mute/mute [player name]His command mutes the specified player. A muted player cannot send any chat messages.
(Only for ADMINS)
mutes/mutesHis command will send you a list of all players who are currently muted (online and offline).
open/open [player name]His command can be used to open and therefore see into and modify the inventory of a player.
(Only for ADMINS)
players/players [online / count]His command can be used to either print a list of all online players (‘online’) or see the playercount (number of players online) of the server (‘count’).
promote/promote [player name]His command can be used to make a player administrator. Use /demote to remove the admin status.
(Only for ADMINS)
purge/purge [player name]His command can be used to remove all messages sent by a specific player from the chat log. Useful if someone is spamming or sending a lot of inappropriate messages.
(Only for ADMINS)
reply/reply [message]His command will respond to the most recent message you have received (from a player).
server-save/server-saveHis command force-saves the server.
(Only for ADMINS)
shout/shout [message]His command sends a message to all players (including those not in your force).
swap-players/swap-players [player name] [player name]His command can be used to swap the characters of players.
(Only for ADMINS)
unban/unban [player name]His command will unban the specified player from the server.
(Only for ADMINS)
unignore/unignore [player name]His command removes a player from your ignore list (if you had ignored them), meaning you will be able to see their messages again.
unmute/unmute [player name]His command removes a mute from the specified player.
(Only for ADMINS)
whisper/whisper [player name] [message]His command can be used to send a private message (PM) to another player.
whitelist/whitelist [add / remove / get / clear] [player name]OTE: If the whitelist is empty, the whitelist is disabled – adding someone to the whitelist enables it. This command can be used to add and remove players from the whitelist, clear the whitelist and also see who is currently on the server whitelist. A whitelist is a list of players who can connect to the server, those not on the whitelist cannot connect to the server.