Fan-made Pokémon FPS game will destroy your childhood

Pokémon FPS

Hmm! what if we created a Pokémon FPS. Well, it was with this idea that Dragon, an indie game dev, shared today his progress in a fan-made Pokémon game. User Dragon posted on his twitter a video of his first-person shooter aiming to hunt Pokémons.

Only watch the video if you are prepared for images with the potential to destroy your childhood.

Pokémon FPS game

Dragon also shared a video explaining how the idea for the game came about and how it is developing. His inspiration came from Twitter, where one person just posted the following sentence: “Somone should make a Pokémon first-person shooter”. After doing some research the developer found that there is no such thing as a Pokémon-slaying sim.

The game is currently being made using the Unreal Engine, which has great support for FPS games such as Call of Duty or Halo. Dragon also explained that among the game’s technical challenges was being able to capture the models of each of the Pokémons and export them from more recent games to be able to use in your game.

In addition, the game has a linear progression with a map separated into three parts where you will advance in difficulty until you find Legendary Pokémons.

Dragon didn’t make it clear when the game will be accessible to the public, because Nintendo possibly won’t allow it, but it opens a good door for a new category of games to be created.

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