FFXIV Grand Company Guide – Ranks, Promotions and Rewards

If you want to get some great benefits in Final Fantasy XIV, the Grand Company is the best option. The best thing about the Grand Companies is that it has many added benefits, but there is a catch. You will need to promote in the ranks to get the most out of Grand Companies.

Your rewards and earnings will increase as you rank up. This guide will explain everything about Grand Company ranks, such as their requirements and rewards and why you should rank up. 

No matter your playstyle, you will eventually have to join a Grand Company at some point since a grand company provides players with rewards for completing specific tasks for each faction.

Grand Company Ranks

To upgrade through grand company ranks, you will need to collect a certain number of seals. There are thirteen ranks now, and you can reach the max in no time with the proper method. 

  • Private Third Class – Private third class in the starting grand company rank. The maximum number of seals you can have at this rank is around ten thousand.
  • Private Second Class – This is the second rank, and you will need two thousand seals to upgrade to this rank. For the second-class private, the maximum number of seals is fifteen thousand. 
  • Private First Class – Private first-class rank can be reached by earning more than three thousand seals at your previous ranks. The maximum number of seals you can have at this point is twenty thousand. 
  • Corporal – For promotion to the corporal rank, you need to earn a minimum of four thousand seals at the previous rank. 
  • Sergeant Third Class – This is a crucial rank requiring some extra work. You also need to complete the first rank of the Grand Company hunting log and get five thousand seals. This rank enables you to hold thirty thousand seals at a time.  
  • Sergeant Second Class – Sergeant second class rank is achieved by those with around six thousand seals at the previous rank. After they receive the promotion to the second-class rank, they can hold a maximum of thirty-five thousand seals at a time. 
  • Sergeant First Class – To get to the rank of sergeant first class, which is the seventh rank, you will need seven thousand seals. This rank will increase your capacity to hold seals by five thousand, which means your threshold is at forty thousand seals. 
  • Chief Sergeant – Along with the usual requirement of having eight thousand seals at the previous rank. You must also complete a separate quest called the “Shadows Uncast.”
  • Second Lieutenant – Now that we are talking about the officer’s ranks in the Grand Company, you will need to do some extra work. To reach the second lieutenant rank, you will need nine thousand seals. You also need to complete a quest called “Gliding the bilious.” Complete the second rank of the Grand Company hunting log.
  • First Lieutenant – The promotion to the first lieutenant rank requires players to complete a simple quest called the “Flagged Mission: Crystal Recovery.” This mission is provided by the adventure squadron. 
  • Captain – The captain rank is possible for those who have already completed a minimum of five command missions in FFIXV. If they have already done that, they can complete a mission called “Flagged Mission: Sapper Strike.”
Command Missions

There are several more ranks in FFXIV, but you can’t be promoted to them now. Below are all those ranks. 

  • Second Commander
  • First Commander
  • High Commander
  • Rear Marshal
  • Vice Marshal
  • Marshal
  • Grand Marshal
  • Champion

How to get a Promotion?

No matter which Grand Company you join, you will start at a private third-class rank. So you may wonder why you should promote. Well, there is a maximum cap for how many seals you can hold at each rank, and when you hit the max, all the remaining seals will disappear.

This means you must constantly get promotions until you reach the maximum level. Then, whenever you fulfill requirements and want to upgrade to the next rank, you will have to talk to a personnel officer. There are three locations for getting a promotion, and below are their exact locations. 

  • Storm Personnel Officer – Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X: 13.1, Y: 12.7)
  • Flame Personnel Officer – Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X: 8.3, Y: 9.0)
  • Serpent Personnel Officer – New Gridania (X: 9.8, Y: 11.0)

When you find one of these officers, offer him some seals to start the process. 

Those promoted to Second Lieutenant can now transfer to a different company. The first transfer of the Grand Company is free of cost, and you will have to wait for a minimum of two weeks before you can apply for a new transfer. After the first free transfer, the second and all subsequent transfers will cost you money. 

Why should you upgrade Grand Company Ranks?

To be really straightforward: You will receive many rewards. Promotion rewards include items, armor pieces, weapons, housing items, and crafting materials. 

Along with these items, new officers will also get glamour prisms. These are cosmetics items that will help you with customization. You will also get access to squadrons in FFXIV as you rank up in the Grand Company.


To unlock these squadrons, you need a minimum rank of the second lieutenant. The most significant benefit of unlocking these squadrons is that they will go on missions with you. They will help you in defeating bosses and other creatures in deep dungeons.

To increase the fighting skills of your squadron, you should train them from time to time. Then, when you deploy a squadron on the battlefield and it fights, all the soldiers will receive experience points.