Genshin Impact: Where to find Ponytail

Genshin Impact is full of plants, and one of them is called Ponytail. Itsn’t one of the most famous, but she was super sought after because of the Spices of the West event, present in Update 2.6 of the game.

Ponytail is a long, purple-colored plant that grows amid grasses and is usually found in wet areas such as the Dihua Swamp. It is used to prepare the Spice 1 recipe – “When Land and Sea Meet.”

Where to find Ponytail?

Check the map below for the locations of Ponytail.

Ponytail locations to farm

Where to buy the Ponytail?

Nothing stops you from using your wallet if you’re not in the mood for a farming session. You can buy Horsetail at the Bubu Pharmacy, Port of Liyue.

The plant costs 240 coins. Each purchase can contain up to 10 units, totaling 2400. After purchasing 10 plants, Bubu Pharmacy’s stock will be refilled after some time.