Geoculus Locations & Interactive Map

Geoculus are found in Liyue and used to upgrade the Statue of Seven, granting items, stamina improvement, and more. See locations on the map and where to find Geoculus.

Geoculus is an adventure item in Genshin Impact. These floating yellow shapes are found throughout the map and will never be in chests. There are 131 Geoculus scattered around, and they do not respawn after being collected.

When a Geoculus is near a player, an icon will appear on your mini-map along with a sound. Using a Geoculus Resonance Stone allows you to find the location of the nearest item.

What is a Geoculus for?

They serve to improve the Statue of Seven. To level up a statue, you need a certain number of Geoculus. With each new level, more Geoculus will be required.

Why retrieve them?

With them, you can raise your maximum stamina. Also, get Geo Seal and receive an adventurer experience. Remember that it is necessary to increase your adventurer level quite often to continue the story of Genshin Impact.

Geoculus’ locations in Genshin Impact

TIP: Most Geoculus will ask you to look up. For that, you will have to find a point in height to glide, but there will be conditions to recover for some.