George R.R. Martin: “Games are not my thing, but Elden Ring…”

Although George Martin is a uber-nerd, like us, he doesn’t play a lot of video games. But because of his great ability to create universes, the author of Game of Thrones got involved in the production of Elden Ring.

In a publication on his official blog, Martin spoke about the topic. According to him, Hidetaka Miyazaki got in touch a few years ago, directly from Japan, to invite him to participate in the game. And the offer was just too good to refuse.

“Games aren’t much for me – of course, I played a few years ago, like Railroad Tycoon, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and Master of Orion, but Elden Ring was too good a proposal to turn down. Miyazaki and his team at FromSoftware were proposing beautiful and revolutionary things to me, and they just needed my help with a little world-building: a dark and deep world, to serve as the basis for their game. And I love creating stories like that”

Martin also shared some videos of Elden Ring and ended by saying what the vast majority of players already thought: it looks amazing.