God of War: 12 Dews of Yggdrasil locations (in Midgard)

In the new God of War, Yggdragil’s Dews are rare items that can boost Kratos’ stats.

There are about 12 Dews of Yggdrasil in God of War which will increase your stats such as Cooldown, Strength, Luck, Defense, Runic, and Vitality. You will gain about +2 points for each Dew collected in the respective stat.

  • If you want to get this little help that will be very useful throughout the game, keep reading to know all the places you will find the Dew of Yggdrasil.

1. Yggdrasil Dew – Cooldown

You will have to take the boat and travel to the end of the bridge to the right. So you will see the Dew on the corner of the river.

2. Yggdrasil Dew – Cooldown

Paddle towards the fog, and you will have to locate a small passage between the rocks.

3. Yggdrasil Dew – Strength

At the Lake of Nine, paddle towards the two giant statues, and you will see the Dew on their left side.

4. Yggdrasil Dew – Strength

For the fourth Dew, you will have to travel to the left of the Thor statue, go through the tower, and then see the Dew.

5. Yggdrasil Dew – Strength

For this one, it will be necessary to row towards Iron Cove. Before reaching the area, you will find a broken ship stuck in the rocks. Below it will be the Dew.

6. Yggdrasil Dew – Luck

Go with your boat towards the massive door on the Lake of Nine. On the left will be the Dew.

7. Yggdrasil Dew – Luck

At Lake of Nine, cross the Forgotten Caverns and keep looking to the left. There is a vast cave, and inside it, you will find the Dew.

8. Yggdrasil Dew – Defense

Look for an anchorage at the back of the circular building, on the other side of the snake’s head. You will see the serpent’s head on your right and the tower directly in front of you. Look in the left corner for the Dew.

9. Yggdrasil Dew – Defense

At Lake of Nines, head back towards the Forgotten Caverns and head towards the area covered by fog. Look for the Dew around the rocks on the left side.

10. Yggdrasil Dew – Runic

Go again towards Iron Cove, but this time goes to the left. You will see some rocks with fog around. Keep going left, and you’ll find Dew.

11. Yggdrasil Dew – Vitality

This one is on the rock between Iron Cove and the Isle of Death. The Dew is on the stone on the left.

12. Yggdrasil Dew – Vitality

For this one, you’ll have to be in the same area as the previous one, between Iron Cove and the Isle of Death. You will find the Dew on your left.