Hillside Walkthrough (Updated 2022)


The exclusive district of Hillside is home to the country’s film industry and to those lucky enough to be able to afford to live there. Among them is veteran supermodel Charlotte Lloyd and her youngest daughter, Emma.

You play an experienced bodyguard hired to protect the 18-year-old Emma from a stalker who has recently begun sending disturbing letters to the shy teen. But protecting her might be the easiest part of the job as you move into Charlotte’s house and live with one of the world’s most beautiful models. Will you be able to control your sexual desire and preserve your hard-earned professional reputation?​

Hillside Walkthrough

Walkthrough – Episode 1

Click magazine on table. {Unique Image#1}

  1. Choose all:
    A) Shopping.
    B) Beach.
    C) Hike.
  2. Choose one:
    A) Agree to meet aunt. [Lucy+1]
    B) Decline.
  3. Choose all:
    A) Modeling.
    B) Daughter.
    C) Personal life.

Walkthrough – Episode 2

{Unique Image#2}

  1. Choose one:
    A) Look at her legs. [Charlotte-1] [MomChoice=1] {Go to #4}
    B) Stop staring at her.
  2. Choose one:
    A) Yes
    B) No {Go to #4}
  3. Photos
    • First photo from the left. {Unique Image#3} [Charlotte-1]
      • Apologize
      • Ask who the girl is. [Charlotte-1]
    • First photo from the right. [Emma+1]
  4. Choose one:
    A) Reassure her. [Charlotte+1]
    B) Don’t bother.
  1. Choose All (In Order) (Choose “Not Now” on last choice)
  2. Choose one:
    A) Absolutely [Charlotte+1]
    B) Probably.
  3. Choose one:
    A) You can trust me. [Charlotte+1]
    B) Err…
  4. Have another drink
  5. Choose one:
    A) That’s ok.
    B) Sure, you were. [Charlotte-1]

Walkthrough – Episode 3

  1. Choose one:
    A) Shake her hand. [Emma+1]
    B) Just greet her.
  2. Choose one:
    A) Say something.
    – I like your jumper [Emma+1]
    – Show me around.
    B) Wait for her to speak. [Emma-1]
  3. Who uses the hot tub? (Your Choice)
  4. Choose one:
    A) You can stay here. [Emma+1]
    B) It’s just a basement. [Emma-1]
  5. Choose one:
    A) Offer to go first. [Emma+1]
    B) Tell her you’ll go first. [Emma-1]
  6. Choose one:
    A) Give her a hug. [Emma+1]
    Note: A will only succeed if [Emma] >3, [Emma+1] & {Unique Image#5}, else [Emma-1]
    B) Talk to her. [Emma+1]
  7. Ask about her father. (Your Choice)
  8. Choose one:
    A) Agree with her. [Emma-1]
    B) It’s not silly. [Emma+1] [EmmaChoice=1]
  9. Choose one:
    A) It can wait.
    B) Let’s see it. [Emma-1]
  10. Choose one:
    A) I love it. [Emma+1]
    B) I hate it. [Emma-1]
  11. Praise her. [Emma+1]
  12. Click on photos from left to righ.
  13. Choose one:
    A) Ask who the boy is. [Emma-1]
    B) Go and unpack your things.
  14. Choose one:
    A) Mention her hair. [Emma+1]
    B) Don’t say anything.
  15. Choose one:
    A) It was delicious. [Emma+1]
    B) It was okay.
  16. Choose one:
    A) Tell the truth. [Emma-1]
    B) Lie. [Charlotte+1]
  17. Look at her.
    ➢ Let her know you are here.
    {Unique Image#6}
  18. CXM.
  19. Choose one:
    A) Yes [Emma+1] [EmmaChoice1=1]
    B) No.

Walkthrough – Episode 4

  1. Choose one:
    A) Knock on door. [Charlotte+1]
    B) Don’t bother.
  2. I protect people. (Your Choice)
  3. Answer your phone.
  4. Choose one:
    A) Not a good idea.
    – No. [Lucy+1]
    – What is this about.
    C) Agree to meet.
  5. Pretend nothing is happening. (Your Choice)
  6. Choose one:
    A) Tell her something.
    B) Don’t tell her anything. [Lucy-1]
  7. Very well. (Your Choice)
  8. Choose one:
    A) Much better.
    B) Beautiful. [Emma+1]
    – Choose Pink Shoe. [Emma+1]
    {Unique Image#7}
  9. Choose one:
    A) Try to reason with her.
    B) Provoke her. [Suzi-1] [SuziChoice=1]
  10. Choose one:
    A) Hold her. [Charlotte-1] [MomChoice1=1]
    B) Reassure her. [Charlotte+1]

Walkthrough – Episode 5

Note: #1 is only for those who obtained [Emma] >10.

  1. Offer her a hug. [Emma+1] [EmmaChoice2=1]
    Note: #2 is only for those who obtained [Emma] >10.
  2. Choose one:
    A) Lift her over. (Seems the better choice) [EmmaChoice3=1]
    B) Refuse.
    Note: #3 is only for those who obtained [Emma] >12.
  3. Choose one:
    A) Apply the ointment. [Emma+1] [EmmaChoice4=1]
    B) Don’t apply it.
  4. Choose one:
    A) Be honest.
    B) Lie. [Emma+1] [EmmaChoice5=1]
  5. Choose one:
    A) That’s not true. [Lucy+1] [LucyChoice=1]
    B) I can’t get involved.

Walkthrough – Episode 6

Note: #1-2 are only for those who obtained [LucyChoice=1].

  1. Kiss Lucy. [Lucy+1]
  2. I’ll be ready. [Lucy+1]
  3. Apologize. [Charlotte+1]
    Note: #4 is only for those who did NOT obtain [EmmaChoice2=1].
  4. Lift her over. [Emma+1]
    Note: If you obtained [EmmaChoice5=1], then [Emma+1].

Walkthrough – Episode 7

  1. Choose one:
    A) Emma. [EmmaChoice00=1] [Emma+1]
    B) Kaylah.
    Note: #2 is only for those who did obtained [LucyChoice=1].
  2. Choose one:
    A) Feels good. [Lucy+1]
    B) Little odd.
  3. Choose one:
    A) Just doing my job.
    B) It was my pleasure. [Charlotte+1]

Walkthrough – Episode 8

  1. Choose one:
    A) Flirt. [KayChoice00=1]
    B) Be professional. [KayChoice00=0]
  2. Choose one:
    A) Tell Emma the truth. [EmmaChoice08=1]
    – Tickle Emma. [EmmaChoice09=1]
    – Don’t tickle her. [EmmaChoice09=0]
    B) Don’t interfere. [EmmaChoice08=0]
  3. You look beautiful. (Your Choice)
  4. Choose one:
    A) Because I have feelings for her. [MomChoice03=1]
    B) Because she is my client. [MomChoice03=0]

Walkthrough – Episode 9

  1. Look. [Lucy+1]
    Note: If [LucyChoice=1], then [KayChoice01=0].
    Note: #2 is only for those who did NOT obtain [LucyChoice=1].
  2. Choose one:
    A) I’m interested. [KayChoice01=1]
    B) I’m not interested. [KayChoice01=0]

Walkthrough – Episode 10

  1. Let her continue.
  2. Great legs. [Emma+1]
  3. I love you. [Emma+1]

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