How to defeat Hoarah Loux in Elden Ring: tips and strategies against Godfrey

Hoarah Loux is the penultimate boss of Elden Ring. This time the battle against Godfrey, the Pristine First Lord will be in flesh and blood, rather than that shadow faced in the Royal Capital.

The battle takes place in Morgott’s arena and the opening cutscene shows the Omen King dead. Godfrey/Hoarah Loux will only appear after Maliketh is defeated in Farum Azula. Leyndell will move from Royal Capital to Gray Capital.

Preparations for the fight against Hoarah Loux

  • Take a very tough Summoning Spirit, as Godfrey has a lot of AoE attacks. Imitating Tear and Tiche are always great options.
  • His damage is physical, favor talismans that improve HP and/or reduce physical damage taken.
  • Have a weapon with the War Ash: Hound Pass to make dodging a lot easier.
  • Use meteor spells to break Hoarah Loux’s stance (Stone of the Stone, for example).
  • Consider respawning with Rennala and increasing Vitality, as Godfrey has a lot of hits that can hit kill if your HP is low.
  • Shields block most of the first phase’s hits. Dodging is better, but blocking is effective in life-or-death situations.
  • If you did Nepheli Loux and Kenneth Haight’s quests and didn’t give her Seluvis’ potion, the warrior can be summoned into battle.
  • If you have Frenzied Flame, you can summon Shabriri for the fight.

Phase 1: Godfrey, First Pristine Lord

  • The beginning of the fight resembles the confrontation against Godfrey’s ghost copy. He’s not particularly difficult, as the ax blows are quite easy to see and dodge in general.
  • In case of a melee build, keep to the previous fight’s strategy of dodging forward, always aiming for Godfrey’s back to punish him.
  • For mages, the strategy changes a bit. Instead of staying too far away, try to keep mid-distance to force the Pristine Lord to use the axe. When the weapon gets stuck in the ground, attack it with spells.
  • Don’t attack the boss after he stomps.
  • After losing 25% health, the First Lord will change the stomp. Instead of localized stones, the attack will take the entire arena. Dodge or jump. The boss can sequence two stomps at a time.
  • Don’t try to use flasks and attack in the same window. Wait for the axes to hit the ground to take one action at a time.
  • Take distance when Godfrey swings the ax above his head. He will do area attacks and the last one opens a fissure in the ground. If you can’t run, dodge when the boss pulls the weapon from the ground.
  • When the boss’s health is almost at 50%, take the opportunity to call a summon, recharge your life/mana or use weapon buffs and remove the shield (if using).

Phase 2: Hoarah Loux, Warrior

  • Godfrey will slay the lion Serosh and take the form of Hoarah Loux, transforming back into the warrior he was before he became the First Pristine Lord.
  • Loux will be unarmed and will have a lot of grappling attacks that can hit kill low HP bars.
  • Having a summon is essential in this part, as the summon is not grabbed by Hoarah Loux. Leaving the boss open to attacks for a long time.
  • Dodging forward is still effective, but more dangerous for grappling attacks.
  • Run away whenever Hoarah Loux puts both hands on his face, as a grab attack will follow.
  • Do not attack when the boss screams as it is a dangerous false opening.
  • The ideal move to hit the boss is after he does a sequence of slaps. At the end of it, hi will raise his leg looking like he is going to throw a stomp. But he never gives such a stomp, thus leaving a good window to attack.