How to improve Loot Luck in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland

Luck is a necessary trait in any game, but for a Looter Shooter, it becomes even more important. It will dictate how much time you have to invest until you finally get the dreamed Legendary Loot.

In Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, there is a breakthrough mechanic that affects directly your Loot Luck. Luck is responsible for the rarity of your loot and unlike other games, you can increase your luck to facilitate either World Drops or Dedicated Drops.

There are six ways to increase your luck. Check the guide below to understand how you can also increase it.

Player Level

The first factor that will influence your luck is your Level. Simply if you level up, you will automatically increase the luck factor and you will increase the rarity of the items you are obtaining. 

Golden Dice

There are 260 Golden Dice hidden throughout the game. By collecting them you’ll not only get loot based on its roll. But also collecting these Golden Dice will increase your Loot Luck.

Once you collected them all, you’ll also complete the Lucky Dice Campaign Challenge. That adds another 20% boost on your Loot Luck.


Amulets may contain a passive Loot Luck bonus on them. 

You’ll be able to equip Amulets after completing the quest: “Emotion of the Ocean”.

Luck Shrine

You’ll find multiple Luck Shires throughout the world map of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. 

By collecting 4 shrine pieces you will get an additional 10% Loot Luck Bonus.

Chaos Levels

After you completing the main story, you can enter the Chaos Chamber. 

There you will do Chaos Trails which lets you unlock new Chaos Levels. With each Chaos Level, you not only increase the difficulty of the game but also increase your Loot Luck.

Myth Rank

Once you reach LVL 40, you’ll unlock the Myth Rank

The experience points will stop leveling you up, but work to increase your Myth Rank and if spec into the Druid constellation you can increase your Loot Luck even more.

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