Medieval 2: Total War Command List | Cheats and Codes for PC

To use cheats and commands in your console in Medieval 2: Total War, press the ~ (tilde) key on your keyboard. Apply commands by typing them into the console and press ENTER.

add_populationadd_population [settlement name] [amount]Will add the specified amount of population to the settlement with the specified name. You can specify a negative amount to remove population from a settlement.
add_moneyadd_money [faction name,] [amount]Will give you the specified amount of money. You can optionally specify a faction type before the amount to give money to that faction (instead of yourself). To remove money, specify a negative amount.
give_ancillarygive_ancillary [character name] [ancillary id]Gives the ancillary with the specified ID to the character with the specified name. If the character name has a space in it, put it in quotation marks (e.g. “name”).
remove_ancillaryremove_ancillary [character name] [ancillary id]Removes the ancillary with the specified ID from the character with the specified name. If the name of the character you wish to remove the ancillary from has a space in it, put it in quotation marks (e.g. “name”).
give_traitgive_trait [character name] [trait id] [level]Gives the character with the specified name the trait with the specified ID. You can optionally specify a level for the trait to be. By default the trait level will be 1.
remove_traitremove_trait [character name] [trait id]Will remove all traits, or a specified trait, from the character with the specified name.
toggle_terraintoggle_terrain [terrain display id]Changes the way the map terrain is displayed/highlighted in the game. See argument information for the terrain types.
toggle_fowtoggle_fowEnables and disables (toggles) Fog of War.
create_unitcreate_unit [settlement / character name] [unit id] [amount] [experience] [armor] [weapon]Will create a unit within the specified settlement or for the specified character. The unit is specified by its unit ID. You can optionally specify an amount (default is 1) and the experience, armor and weapon level of the created unit(s).
process_cqprocess_cq [settlement name]Will instantly complete all pending construction work for the settlement with the specified name.
controlcontrol [faction name]Will switch the faction you are playing as to the specified faction. Note that AI will take control of the faction you were playing as before.
show_cursorstatshow_cursorstatWill show statistics about the location your cursor is over. Information includes the coordinates of the location, the name of the location, and the region ID.
character_resetcharacter_resetResets your character back to the settings he/she had at the start of your current turn.
move_charactermove_character [character name] [x] [y]Moves the character with the specified name to the specified coordinates. Find coorindates wil the show_cursorstat command.
surrender_regionssurrender_regions [faction name]Surrenders all regions belonging to the specified faction to the rebels.
auto_winauto_win [attacker / defender]Will make the specified team (attacker or defender) automatically win the next auto resolved battle. To win your battle, when on the battle scroll, use this command (adjust based on whether you are attacker or defender), and then use auto resolve.
bestbuybestbuyHis enables and disables (toggles) the “best buy” cheat, which makes units 10% cheaper. Note that sometimes this command does not turn off and you will need to open and close your game to disable it.
logonlogon [password]Enables the developer console on a server, given that the provided password is correct.
logofflogoffLogs you out from developer console access on a server. You can re-enable it with the logon command.
clear_passwordclear_password [faction name]Clears the password for the faction with the specified name (server-only).
set_passwordset_password [faction name] [password] [password]Sets the password for faction with the specified name (server-only). You need to provide the password twice to confirm it was typed correctly.
set_emailset_email [faction name] [email address]Sets the email address for the specified faction (server-only).
disable_aidisable_ai [ai type]Disables all AI, or the specified AI type.
halt_aihalt_ai [faction name]Halts the turn sequence at the start of the turn of the faction with the specified name. If you do not specify a faction name, the turn sequence will be halted at end of the current turn.
run_airun_ai [x]Re-enables the AI after you have previously disabled it with the disable_ai or halt_ai commands. Use the ‘x’ argument to re-enable all types of AI (if you have disabled them individually using the disable_ai command).
set_optionset_option [option name] [value]Sets the value of the specified option to the specified value. Use 0 and 1 to represent false and true (respectively) if the option is a boolean.
disable_vnvsdisable_vnvsEnables and disables (toggles) game applying traits and attributes. By default they are enabled.