Minecraft Ancient City: Where to find it and what’s there?

The Ancient City is another new addition to Minecraft’s Patch 1.19: The Wild Update. The new area arrived alongside the Dark Depths biome. The Ancient City is full of resources and dangers, here’s how to access it and what to find there.

How to find the Ancestral City?

The Ancient City can easily be compared to Ender Cities or Mansions that only spawn in certain specific biomes. This has been available since Patch 1.19 in what is called Deep Dark. a biome hidden in Minecraft’s darkest underground.

To find the Ancient City, go to a specific layer where Y = -52. The exact position can vary and it has often happened that the Dark Depths biome did not generate an Ancient City. So be patient and restart the game in case the city does not appear.

A fairly simple, albeit very random, solution consists of locating blocks called “Ancient_City” and then teleporting there using the following commands:

  • /find structure Ancient_City 
  • /tp

Minecraft’s Ancient City

Unlike the Deep Dark biome, the city is not free from serious threats. You’ll need to be wary of nearby Sculk Sensors and Emitters to avoid the Defender spawn. But, in addition, many creatures lurk in the surroundings: Creepers, Skeletons, Spiders and etc.

But then what’s the point of looking and venturing into the Ancient City? 

Recovery Compass

It’s quite simple: the Recovery Compass. This is a new item in Patch 1.19 that allows the player to know which direction the location of their last corpse is. An indispensable and extremely powerful tool that, however, comes at a great cost to create: Echo Fragment.

To create a Recovery Compass, you will need the following items:

  • 1x Compass (crafted from 4 Iron Bars and 1 Redstone)
  • 8x Echo Fragment
Recovery Compass Recipe

The Echo Fragment is the most important, difficult and also the most dangerous element to obtain for the creation of this artifact. That’s because they cannot be produced, only obtainable from chests scattered around the Ancestral City.