Minecraft enchantments guide: how to use an enchanting table

Enchantments are the gateway to the advanced part of Minecraft. With enchanted armor, you will save yourself from death countless times, and on top of that, enchanted tools will greatly simplify your life.

However, to unlock enchantments in Minecraft it is necessary to have in-depth knowledge of where to go and how to get these items.

Prerequisites for Enchantments

To enchant something in the game you will need to have an enchantment table. Once created and placed somewhere in the game, this table will need to be improved using libraries.

Crafting a enchantement table

It takes 15 libraries to unlock the full potential of an enchantment table. To create high-level enchantments, the positioning of the shelves needs to be exact: you must place the table in the center and the space between it and the shelves must remain empty. By respecting this standard, you will have no problem creating your enchantments.

Library positioning

You’ll need Lapis Lazuli, which shouldn’t be hard to find at this stage of the game. The last requirement, and the most difficult to achieve, is level 30 to be able to create a maximum potency enchantment.

Lapis Lazuli

Creating an Advanced Enchantment

Several enchantments cannot reach maximum levels just by using the enchantment table. Therefore, you will have to use the anvil.

On the anvil, you can accumulate enchantments and level up. To do this, you will always need the object you want the enchantments on, an identical object or a book. Of course, these items should already be enchanted with what you want.


If you placed a sword and it had been enchanted with Sharpness III, at the end of the process you would get a sword with Sharpness IV. However, be aware that each time you use an item on the anvil the cost in levels increases for you to modify an object.

Also, certain enchantments cannot be present on an object at the same time. For example, the Fortune enchantment and the Soft Touch enchantment cannot be together on a pickaxe, for example.

All Minecraft Enchaments

EnchantmentEffectMax level
Aqua AffinityIncreases underwater mining speed1
Bane of ArthopodsIncreases damage and applies slowness IV to arthopods5
Blast ProtectionReduces explosion damage and knockback4
ChannelingSummon lightning with Trident in storms1
CleavingIncreases damage and shield stun3
Curse of BindingItems can’t be removed from armor slots1
Curse of VanishingItem destroyed on death1
Depth StriderIncreases underwater move speed3
EfficiencyIncreases mining speed5
Feather FallingReduces falling damage4
Fire AspectSets targets on fire2
Fire ProtectionReduces fire damage and burn duration4
FlameArrows set targets on fire1
FortuneIncreases block drop rate3
FrostwalkerTurns water between feet to ice and prevents standing magma damage2
ImpalingIncreases Trident damage against ocean enemies5
InfinityInfinite regular arrows1
KnockbackIncreases knockback2
LootingIncreases mob drops3
LoyaltyTrident returns after throw3
Luck of the SeaIncreases luck while fishing3
LureDecreases wait time when fishing3
MendingRestores item durability with experience1
MultishotShoot three arrows for the cost of one1
PiercingArrows pass through enemies and objects4
PowerIncreases arrow damage5
Projectible ProtectionReduces projectile damage4
ProtectionReduces damage4
PunchIncreases arrow knockback2
Quick ChargeDecreases crossbow reload time3
RespirationExtends underwater breathing3
RiptideTrident launches player when thrown in rain or water3
SharpnessIncreases melee damage5
Silk TouchMined blocks drop themselves1
SmiteIncreases damage against undead5
Soul SpeedIncreases walk speed on soul sand or sand soil. Boots take damage3
Sweeping EdgeIncreases sweeping attack damage3
ThornsReflects damage taken when hit at cost of durability3
UnbreakingReduces item break chance3