My Time at Sandrock Commissions Quick Guide

My Time at Sandrock as a good simulator has several different mechanics. One of them that is released right at the beginning of the game, is the commissions. They allow you to exchange requested items for Gil, reputation, or relationship improvements. So take a look at this Commissions Quick Guide to understand how best to use them in your game.

How to unlock the first commission

Commissions unlock after you recieve your role as a builder. Speak with Yan at the commission store, and he’ll explain the basics. You start with low-tier commissions only, until you prove your worth by completing many commissions and raising your workshop level.

Lets start our first comission

How Commissions Work in My Time at Sandrock

A overview of what a commission is would be requests for an item or items to be crafted within the allotted time. Some characters can request different items, such as Stone Troughs, Copper Pipes, or Glass.

To choose a commission just go to the Commerce Guild and you will have access to the commission board that is outside the Guild. These commissions are random but limited by your Workshop Rank.

Builders may only take one randomized commission off the board per day, and abandoning that commission will not allow the player to choose another on the same day that they took that commission. Also abandoning the commission will reduce the player’s reputation by a small amount.

Commissions are completed by walking up to the recipient with the commissioned item in hand, then talking to the recipient.

Get your comissions on the Comissions Board

How to receive Reputation Points with Commission

Reputation points are rewarded based on difficulty. At the end of the month, the top three ranked workshops receive reputation based on their efforts.

All possible comissions

Commission Rewards
Required Item Deadline Requester RP ⁠⁠ Gols ⁠⁠ Exp ⁠⁠ Rep ⁠⁠
⁠⁠Stone Trough
3 days ⁠⁠Owen 6 122 110 11
⁠⁠Bronze Bars
3 days ⁠⁠Heidi 8 237 158 16
⁠⁠Copper Wire
5 days ⁠⁠Qi 8 109 63 9
⁠⁠Bronze Blade
5 days ⁠⁠Burgess 14 274 264 27
5 days ⁠⁠Arvio 9 329 208 21
⁠⁠Stone Sword
1 day ⁠⁠Owen 21 212 213 16
⁠⁠Copper Screw
3 days ⁠⁠Elsie 8 217 165 17
3 days ⁠⁠Arvio 11 163 64 15
⁠⁠Marble Slab
3 days ⁠⁠Jensen 18 446 162 44
Possible Comissions in My Time at Sandrock

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