Nintendo Switch overtakes PlayStation 4 in units sold

According to VGChartz, the Nintendo Switch has already surpassed the PlayStation 4 in units sold in the United States.

The graphs show the differences in the sales of the Switch in relation to the PS4 according to the same number of months of life of each one (representing the speed of sale) and the total sales number in the US.

Gap in sales
Total Sales

In the last 12 months, Switch has increased its lead by 1.93 million, taking the total to an 8.12 million lead in units sold.

In 61 months, which is its entire lifespan to date, the Nintendo Switch has had 35.62 million units sold in the US, while the PlayStation 4 has reached 27.5 million in the same period of time, with 35.25 million in all.

As of March 2022, Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console in the US, and recently became Nintendo’s 5th best-selling console globally and the most successful desktop console.