PlayStation plans to acquire more studios, confirms Jim Ryan

According to a briefing published by Sony Interactive Entertainment on Thursday (26), the company has not ended its series of studio acquisitions. In a statement, the head of PlayStation, Jim Ryan, highlighted the interest in buying more production companies as a way to expand the reach of the brand.

In recent months, SIE has looked to integrate relevant studios into its games department, including Housemarque, Nixxes, Firesprite, Bluepoint, and Bungie. The latest acquisition, Haven Studios, is already working on a PlayStation-exclusive multiplayer title and proposes to expand the PS5’s “catalog of experiences”, to serve as a stimulus for more negotiations to be planned.

Haven acquisition by PS Studios

According to the executive, Jim Ryan, this initiative would allow PS Studios to be strengthened and its presence in less populated areas.

“In terms of future [mergers & acquisitions] activity, the answer to that is not at all finished with our strategy of trying to grow PlayStation Studios inorganically,”

Jim Ryan – Head of Playstation

“As we transition from our historic game development strategy to a much broader and much wider market reach than we enjoy today, it is very likely that inorganic stimulus will be required to help us to realize these dreams.”

Jim Ryan – Head of Playstation

PlayStation is interested in investing in the metaverse

In the same market report, Jim Ryan confirmed Sony’s interest in investing in the metaverse. The CEO commented on a cross-platform vision and the importance of going beyond consoles to explore new segments.