Pokemon GO Promo Codes: All July 2022 Deals

Niantic regularly offers valuable items for your Pokemon GO adventure via promo codes. Each month the developer releases new codes for redemption, and we currently have a list of rewards for July 2022. These available rewards range from everyday consumables such as Poke Balls to cosmetics, so staying in the loop.

Pokemon GO: How to redeem a promo code?

To redeem a code, you can access the official Pokemon GO website or the redemption interface directly from the in-game store at the bottom of the screen. Note, however, that a code can only be used once per user. Therefore, ensure you have enough space in your inventory to accommodate the rewards before redeeming. Otherwise, the items will not be obtainable.

Redeem Code Website

Pokemon GO: promo codes for July 2022

This list is not definitive as other codes may be added in the coming days. Additionally, codes are often announced on Pokemon GO social media, so stay tuned. Finally, we will constantly update this content when new offers come in, so we suggest saving this page to your favorites folder.

Note: We only put codes that are still active below, not those that have expired (however, some codes are sometimes only valid for one day).

Last update: July 9, 2022

Pokemon GO is undergoing an anniversary event, but no new active redemption codes exist. All previous ones listed below have already expired. What’s available at the moment are codes included in new Pokemon GO-themed Pokemon TCG cards. However, the codes are for single-use, meaning only one player can redeem them.

  • KG6EWDZRBK49KAY8 (new): 2x Super Incubators, 2x Incenses, 2x Incubators, and 2x Lucky Eggs
  • GXSD5CJ556NHG : 1x Verizon Mask and 2x Verizon Hoodie
  • KUAXZBJUTP3B7 : 1x Cap and 1x Samsung T-shirt 2021
  • 4535347728075597 : 1x Star Piece, 1x Lucky Egg, and 20 Poke Balls
  • 7AZGHWU6DWV84 : 1x Incense and 30x Poke Balls
  • SWHPH9Z4EMZN7 : 30x Poke Balls, 1x Incense, and 1x Lucky Egg
  • 651190977081782 : 1x Super Incubator

More free rewards in Pokemon GO

Weekly, all Pokemon GO players can purchase a box of assorted items for 1 PokéCoin, including a Remote Raid Pass and a free Gift Box daily.