How to defeat Radagon and Pristine Beast in Elden Ring: tips and strategies against final bosses

Golden Order Radagon and Pristine Beast are the last two bosses of Elden Ring. The battle is one, which means that after defeating Radagon, you’ll have to fight the Elden Beast with what’s left of flasks from the first fight. If you die, you’ll have to start with the second Pristine Lord again.

After defeating Hoarah Loux, the true form of First Lord Godfrey, in the Gray Capital, you will finally gain access to the Tree. Even being born in Leyndell, having to retrace the path and seeing the scene of entering the tree every time after dying, is a little irritating.

Preparations for Radagon and Pristine Beast

  • Whatever your weapons and summons, take everything to max level. Level up normal weapons to +25 with Forge Stone and special weapons to +10 with Shadow Forge Stone. Bring Mimic Tear, Tiche, Oleg or another tough summon up to +10 with Roderika as well.
  • Use talismans and armor that increase holy damage defense. Complement with resistance to physical blows and increased HP or Stamina.
  • Maybe it’s a little late for some quests, but do all the side quests that let you choose more Elden Ring endings.
  • Status damage is not very effective, so prioritize physical damage weapons (preferably crushing). About spells: take Swords of the Wolf against Radagon and Stone Sling (or Meteorite of Astel) against the Pristine Beast.
  • Radagon has no fire-specific defense, so Luscious Skin and Frenzy Flame spells (although they don’t stack madness) that deal incendiary damage are useful.
  • Any holy damage will be virtually useless against both bosses.
  • Carry a weapon with War Ash: Hound Pass for the best dodge in the game.

Phase 1: Radagon of the Golden Order

  • A really good spell for mages to take against Radagon is the Sword of the Wolf spell, which can be purchased from Miriel, in the Church of Vows (it is also the starting spell for those who choose the Prisoner class). Since it’s a delayed spell, Radagon is confused about how to block it.
  • Cast the first sword, if Radagon raises his arm to block, cast three more. The boss will deflect the first one but will take damage from the others. If the boss drops his arm quickly, he doesn’t cast the others and prepares to dodge some blow. Repeat the strategy when he starts walking slowly around the arena.
  • The boss varies greatly in pace, alternating fast and slow blows that make it difficult to dodge.
  • The boss is also a little unpredictable and can be walking around the arena or putting together some crazy and almost endless combos.
  • For those who play melee, most of the hits with the weapon can be avoided by rolling forward and getting the boss’s back. The biggest problem will be Radagon’s area attacks.
  • A delayed dodge is the best way to deal with attacks that leave golden marks on the ground. It’s really hard to get the timing. Lightning spears should also be dodged in a delayed fashion to avoid exploding after touching the ground.
  • On the other hand, the rays that Radagon throws with his hand need a quick dodge.
  • Melee builds with heavy weapons can drop Radagon to critical hits with the help of an ultimate summoning spirit.
  • It’s better to be aggressive if you’re melee and more passive if mage.
  • Summoning in the first part is best to finish him off as quickly as possible. If not, you will arrive with very few vials for the second part.

Phase 2: Pristine Beast

After defeating Radagon, a cutscene will play and the Pristine Beast will spawn. As stated earlier, the fight is considered one. So if you die, you’ll have to face Radagon again.

  • Try to stay on the boss’s chest and land physical blows. You’ll have to disable the camera lock to make it easier to move around.
  • The Pristine Beast’s first hit will likely be a fire throw. Just run and go around to smack the boss in the back.
  • One of the boss’s main combos is a purple mist followed by four sword slashes. The first two swords are fast, but the third and last are slow, so pay attention to the dodge.
  • The Hound Pass is great for easier escape.
  • Sometimes a “rain” of light will chase you down from the sky. Just run until the blow ends.
  • The most annoying blow is when spheres start chasing you. There’s not much to do, try to dodge to minimize damage.
  • When the boss soars in the air, he will use the Pristine Ring strike. Run to avoid the circular mark on the ground and dodge as you pass it. The Beast can cast a single circle or a trip.
  • If playing as a mage, use Stone Sling or other magic that deals physical damage.
  • The Pristine Beast drops to take a critical hit. If it’s close, hit the mark on her chest. If you’re far away, take advantage of the gap to heal or make other build adjustments.
  • Dark Bolid with temporarily infinite mana elixir is always a good choice.
  • The big problem is getting close to the boss. The Pristine Beast is constantly far away and it’s an eternity to close the distance. And when it does, you’ll likely be low on stamina to attack or dodge. There’s not much to do, other than not losing your temper.