Royale High – Mermaid Halo 2022 Answers

Royale High has finally updated a new version of Halo. For this summer, there’s Mermaid Halo. Several players are already starting to test the best answers trying to get a halo.

Mermaid Halo

How do the Fountain Answers work?

To get a Halo, you must answer correctly. But even if answering correctly is not sure that you will receive a Halo, you will have a 10% chance of getting a Halo. Your chances are:

  • Win: 30%
  • Lose: 30%
  • Win a random amount of XP: 30%
  • Win a Halo: 10%

Mermaid Halo 2022 – Correct Answers

These are all the correct fountain stories answers for the Mermaid Halo 2022:

  • Enchanted seashell scepter: Any answer
  • Monrovia Bizerries: Answer C
  • The missing crab, Storm: Answer C
  • Pandora, the Water Nymph: Answer A
  • Pick a Seashell: Answer D
  • Glowing Bottle: Any answer
  • Captain Whiskers: Answer A
  • Four Mermaids: Answer B
  • Intense Heat: Answer B
  • Cake decorating contest: Answer D
  • Strange seashell: Answer A
  • The ice cream store: Answer C
  • Pirate’s lost treasure: Answer A
  • Summer Fairground: Answer B
  • Summer Carnival: Answer A
  • Choose a Cave: Answer A
  • Sandcastle competition: Answer D

Spring Halo 2022 – Correct Answers

These are all the correct fountain stories answers for the Spring Halo 2022:

  • Choose a dance partner for the Castle Garden Dance-Off: D
  • Summon the naiad and choose a flower: D
  • Choose which plant to find for the Fountain Girl: B
  • Help Lucille prepare for the annual flower festival: D
  • Choose an instrument: B
  • Choose which plant to water first for Blossom: B
  • Earthquake in Divina Park: C
  • Helping the mother robin: B
  • Choose a fashion model from Aria: soon
  • Help Nissa with the Venus Flytrap: C
  • Choose a magnificent flower for the Divina Park Flower Picking Contest: B & C
  • Choose a path in the flower realm: soon