Rune Factory 5 | All Body Armor Crafting Recipes

Rune Factory 5 came with full force in its crafting possibilities. Body Armor is just one type of crafting, but it has different types of items like Mail, Vests, and more.

In this guide, we will present all existing crafting recipes for Body Armor.

How to craft in Rune Factory 5

How to Craft in Rune Factory 5

Body Armor is one of the main defensive equipment that you’ll find in-game. To craft such armors, you first need to purchase the crafting table from Studio Pamo.

Once you obtain the table, you can place it anywhere you want and start crafting many items, including your body armor.

Body Armor Crafting Recipes

Names Recipes 
Shirt Cloths and Skins 
Cotton Cloth Cloths and Skins, Furs 
Vest Furs, Cloths and Skins 
Chain Mail Strings, Silver 
Mail Liquids, Bronze 
Sparkling Shirt Cloths and Skins, Furs, Gold 
Scale Vest Root, Pretty Carapace, Silver 
Protector Diamond, Shoulder Piece 
Wind Cloak Cloths and Skins, Strings, Emerald, Wind Crystal, Black Feather 
Rubber Raincoat Cloths and Skins, Lightning Horn 
Platinum Mail Cloths and Skins, Rusted Iron, Platinum, Platinum 
Lamellar Vest Strings, Scales, Orichalcum 
Wooly Shirt String, Wooly Furball, Wooly Furball, Electro Crystal 
Mercenary’s Cloak Strange Tentacle, Quality Worn Cloth, Big Bird’s Comb 
Dragon Cloak Strings, Golem Dragon Ashes, Dragon Scale, Crimson Scale, Grimoire Scale 
Elvish Cloak Powder and Spores, Strange Tentacle, Crimson Fur 
Rune Vest Cloths and Skins, Strings, Golem Spirit, Rune Crystal, Rune Crystal 
Power Protector MTGU Plate, Dangerous Scissors, Orichalcum, Orichalcum, Orichalcum 
Four Dragons Best Rune Crystal, General Orb, Ancient Fish Fin, Golem Dragon Scale, Basilisk 
General Robe Armor Fragment, General Orb, Rune Sphere Shard, Dragonic Orb 
Royal Garter White Stone, Small Crystal, Ancient Orc Cloth, Love Scale, Dragonic Stone