Space Rescue: Code Pink Walkthrough


In this game you play as Keen; a young mechanic that just landed his first job on a ‘Rescue & Relax’ Ship.

Keen’s task is simple; make repairs where ever needed! But every time Keen helps out one of his attractive crew members, he seems to end up in more and more a dubious situations!

While exploring the spaceship, you can gather items, build repair-parts & play various mini games – this will allow you to progress through the storylies & get you the girl!​

Locations on the ship map

Ship Map
  1. Bridge
  2. Ready Room
  3. Engine Room
  4. HOLO Resort
  5. Zero G Training
  6. Guest Room
  7. Guest Room
  8. Guest Room
  9. Food storage
  10. Central Lounge (Louge Bar, Lounge Couch)
  11. Kitchen
  12. Bio Garden (Biolab)
  13. Storage
  14. Teleport
  15. Security
  16. Meeting room
  17. Hallway West
  18. Hallway East
  19. Hallway North
  20. Spa Resort (Showers, Square, Pool, Pool Deck, Cold Bath, Sauna, Jaccuzi)
  21. Spa Hallway
  22. Changing Room
  23. Spa Entree (Massage Room)
  24. MedBay
  25. Crew Lounge West
  26. Crew Hallway West
  27. Crew Corridor
  28. Crew Hallway East
  29. Crew Lounge East
  30. Keen’s Room
  31. Crew Room
  32. Crew Room
  33. Shuttlebay (Control Station, RepairBay, Decontamination)
  34. Crew Room
  35. Crew Room
  36. Lune’s Room


Lune Route
  1. Game intro
    The intro shows Lune performing a rescue operation in space.When she returns from her mission, Keen is asked to make a damage-report of the ship that Lune just salvaged. Here starts the game.
  2. Find the Repairbay & meet Lune
    Find the Shuttle bay on the map, go there (no. 33 on the map above).Once there, go to the Decontamination Cabin (it’s the glass box, right of the shuttle). Click on Lune and start the dialog.Talk about everything, till Lune asks you to repair the crack in the glass.Leave the dialog. You can now click on the Green Tape; fixing the crack requires Super Glue . Find the Super Glue on the desk in Keen’s Room.Return to the Decontamination Cabin. Click on the Green Tape and Keen will repair the crack. Next, continue the dialog with Lune.She is now ready to leave & will bring you to the Repair Bay. Before she leaves, Lune will hand you her Keycard Level 1 ( Keycards unlock new rooms and allow you to print new items).
  3. Get the Damage Report & bring it to the Captain
    At the Repair Bay, click on the Pink Shuttle, and choose to ‘inspect it’. After the dialog, you will get the Damage Report.Now go to the North Hallway, enter the door and proceed to the Ready Room. Here you will find the Captain.Give her the Damage Report, talk about everything & leave again. You will return to Keen’s Room.
  4. Repair the HOLO-Camera & find HOLO Magazines
    Lune will stop by & asks you to repair her HOLO-Camera. She leaves it on the floor. Click on the HOLO-Camera and ‘inspect it’.Go to Lune’s Room.Click on Lune & talk about everything.Lune will eventually ask you for the HOLO-magazines. Go to Ron’s Room (no. 6 on the map above).Look under the table & find the HOLO-magazines.Go back to Lune’s Room & give Lune the HOLO-magazines. You will return to Keen’s Room.
  5. Customize the HOLO-Camera
    Go to Lune’s Room & find her practicing poses. Talk to Lune about everything.Lune likes to do a test shoot, but first you will need to customize the camera.Click on the HOLO-Camera in Lune’s Room.Customizing the HOLO-camera requires 3 Steel Pipes and 1 Low UV Light.
    Go to the Hallway West & take the door to the Cargo Storage. Here you will find the Steel Pipes on a shelf.Then go through the Guest lounge, to the Lounge Bar.Talk to Raymond about the ‘drink’, who will then tell you about the Biogarden. Now go to the Biogarden & find the Low UV Light on the floor.
    Return to Lune’s Room & click on the HOLO-Camera to customize it.
  6. The test shoot
    Once done, Lune will bring you to the Zero-G training room for a test-shoot.Talk to Lune & continue with the shoot. You will return to Keen’s Room.
  7. Bring developed HOLO’s to Lune.
    In Keen’s Room, click on the HOLO-Camera to get the Developed HOLO’s. Go to Lune’s Room.Talk to Lune & give her the Developed HOLO’s.
  8. Asteroids for the shoot
    Lune asked you to add Asteroids to the decor of the HOLO-shoot.
    Go to the Shuttlebay.Click on the box. You need to fill it with 500 minerals.Go to the Control Station (by clicking on the top-window in the Shuttle Bay.) Click the left monitor to start the mini-game.Talk about the ‘Flight Instructions’ and start the game to collect minerals. (!) PC/Mac users can use keyboard arrows.If you have trouble collecting minerals, you can ask for help after you did a first try. Fill the box with 500 minerals and get the Box of Asteroids.
  9. The nude shoot
    Go to Lune’s RoomTalk to Lune about the Box of Asteroids.Click through the dialog options.Now you will start the nude HOLO-shoot.You will return to Keen’s Room.
  10. Deliver the HOLO-magazine
    Click on the HOLO-Camera again in Keen’s Room to get the Developed HOLO’s. Go to Lune’s Room.Talk to Lune to give the Developed HOLO’s.Lune will send in the HOLO’s & will wait for a response.
    Go to Hallway East, where the Captain now announces that there is mail. Go to the Cargo Storage & click on the mailbox.Will find 2 jetmail packages, one is for Lune, the other for Lorza.Go to Lune’s room, where Keen will leave the Jetmail for Lune behind.Go to Keen’s Room. Lune will barge in and show you that’s she made it into the HOLO-magazine.Lune will now invite you to catch up with your Zero-G training.
  11. Get rewarded for your help
    Go to the Zero-G Training room. Talk to Lune & continue ‘the training’.From here on you can revisit the Zero-G training room to repeat the ‘training’& ‘HOLO-shoot’.
  12. Mini-game bonus scene with Lune

Survive at least 9 waves in the mini-game & complete Lune’s main storyline as described above.

You now impressed Lune, talk about the high scores to see this confirmed.

Lune will appear in the Shuttlebay. Talk to Lune about your ‘joystick’. You will return to the Shuttlebay.


Sophie Route
  1. Meet Sophie
    Complete Lune her storyline up to point 1.4, to get acces to the Bio Garden.Go to the Bio Garden.Talk to Sophie & discuss all dialog options.
  2. Give the alien plant to Sophie.
    Complete Lune her storyline up to point 1.10, to unlock the scene below. Go to Keen’s Room. Raymonds now knocks on the door to say goodbye. Raymond gives Keen a Pink Plant.Go to the Bio Garden & talk to Sophie.Talk about the Pink Plant and give it to Sophie. You will return to Keen’s Room.
  3. Care for plant
    Go to the Bio Garden.Talk to Sophie & click ‘care for plant’.You unlock the Bio Lab & get the Keycard Level 2.Keen will help Sophie taking care of the plant.You will return to Keen’s Room.
  4. Things heat up! The Auto thermostat
    Go to the Bio Garden.Talk to Sophie & click ‘check on plant’.You will return to Keen’s Room & some time passes. Sophie contacts you through the intercom.Go to the Bio Garden talk to Sophie.Click on the AUTO-Thermostat (the rectangle, right of the door) to repair it. (In this version you already have the micro-battery)Return to Keen’s Room. Keen wonders about what happened.
  5. Plant is not doing well
    Go to the Bio Garden.Talk to Sophie & click ‘Raymonds plant’.The plant is now withering.You will return to Keen’s Room.
  6. Sophie is getting hot
    Go to the Bio Garden & watch a scene unfold. Sophie is hot, Keen tries to repair the vent.Both are overwhelmed by a pink fog. You will return to Keen’s Room.
  7. Make vent lever & be surprised
    Go to the Bio Garden.Click on the door to the Bio Lab & discover it’s closed.Sophie wants keen to make a new Vent Lever, for this you need 1 Steel Pipe 1 Nuts & Screws. Return to Keen’s Room.
    Click on the Print-o-Matic, behind Keens desk.(If you still miss the Printer Cable, go to the Cargo Storage & find it there, with this Keen will repair the Printer.)Now click on the item-buttons & click ‘yes’, to print the items you need.(If you are short on minerals, go through the Shuttlebay, to the Control Station & play the mini-game.)
    Go to the Bio Garden.Click on the door to the Bio Lab. Now Keen has made the Vent Lever, Sophie will call him in.Shophie will show you that the plant has grown. Talk to Sophie & discuss all dialog-options.You will return to Keen’s Room.
  8. Help to feed the plant
    Go to the Bio Lab.Talk to Sophie & choose to feed the plant.Sophie mentions she will be gone for a week, installing a biogarden elsewhere.You will return to Keen’s Room.
  9. Trim the roots & feed the plant
    Go to the Bio Lab and discover it’s overgrown. Talk to Sophie and help her cut the roots.Keen will get a Vibro-Cutter and will cut the data-cable by accident.You will return to Keen’s Room.Click on the ‘Print-oMatic’ and print a Data Cable.Go to the Bio Lab and click on the cut-cable on the floor. Keen will now repair it. Talk to Sophie and choose to feed the plant again.You will return to Keen’s Room.
  10. Plant in final form & feed the plant
    Go to the Bio Lab and discover the plants new shape. Talk to Sophie and choose to feed the plant.You will return to Keen’s Room.
  11. Do the comparison study

Go to the Bio Lab and discover Sophie sleeping on her desk. Talk to Sophie and discuss all dialog-options.

From here on you can revisit the Bio Lab to repeat the ‘Long Term Study’ & ‘Feed Melonie’.


Lorza Route
  1. Meet Lorza
    Go to Hallway West and click at the door(frame) at the right side of the wall.You are now in the Spa Corridor. Click on the door at the right to get to the Spa Entree. Talk to Lorza and discuss all dialog options.
  2. Deliver jetmail to Lorza
    Complete Lune her storyline up to point 1.9, to find Jetmail for Lorza.If you have Jetmail for Lorza, you can talk about ‘jetmail’. You will return to Keen’s Room.
  3. Meet Juli, Collect Massage Charts
    Go to the Spa Entree and click on the Roomscreen to enter the Massage Room. Talk to Lorza in the Massage Room. She will ask you to collect 20 Massage Charts. Go the Spa Corridor and talk to Juli.Discuss all dialog options and ask for the Massage Charts.Juli will give you 3 Massage Charts and opens the door to the Changing room. Go to the Changing Room and you will get 17 more Massage Charts.Go to the Massage Entree and click on the left side of the desk to drop off the Massage Charts.You will return to Keen’s Room.
    Note: Each time you now enter the Changing Room, you will see random girls changing.Note: After you complete each of the following scenes, the changeroom scenes will also change a bit.
  4. Sticky Hands
    Go to the Massage Room and talk to Lorza, who now has a new client.Lorza will ask for a Towel.
    Complete Sophie her storyline up to point 2.3, to get Keycard Level 2.
    Go to the Kitchen, by clicking on the yellow door in the Lounge Bar.Pickup the Dirty Towel from the kitchen sink.Then head to Cargo Storage and pick up a box of Detergent. Return to the Kitchen, and click the sink to acquire a Clean Towel.Return to the Massage Room and talk to Lorza. Give her the Clean Towel, and watch how Lorza finishes Zeera’s massage.You will return to Keen’s Room afterwards.
  5. Get a drink for Lorza
    Go to the Massage Room and talk to Lorza, who will have another new customer.Lorza will ask for a Soda-Pop.
    Finish Sophie her storyline up to point 2.11, then go to Hallway East.This triggers an announcement from the Captain there, where she tells you to visit her.Go to the Ready Room and talk to the Captain.She will hand you a Paycard and a Junkyard Keycard.
    Return to Hallway East and use the Sodapop-machine. You will acquire a Soda-pop can.You can now also try to get more drinks from the machine.Return to the Massage Room and talk to Lorza. Choose to give Lorza the drink. Lorza will finish Ninju’s massage.Keen will end up in the Kitchen after this scene.
  6. Create Lorza’s Toy
    Go to the Massage Room.Talk to Lorza and go through all the dialog options.Lorza will request a special toy.Click on Keens Schematic on the wall behind Lorza, to see which items you require for the toy.
    Collect the required items.
    • Head to Keen’s Room. Use the Print-O-Matic to print Nuts & Screws.
    • Head to the Ready Room. Pick up a Model Ship.
    • Complete Sophie her storyline up to point 2.9 to get the Vibro-Cutter (which has a vibrating motor).

    Return to the Massage Room and click on Keens Schematic on the wall, to create Lorza’sToy. Talk to Lorza and discuss ‘Give Hjuman Toy’.Watch the scene.You will return to Keen’s Room afterwards.
  7. Juli’s Music

Go to the Massage Room.

Talk to Lorza.

Juli then asks Keen to find her Music Player.

Go to the Guest Lounge, and click on the Lounge cCuch. Click on the Music Player and discover it’s broken.

Head to Keen’s Room. Use the Print-O-Matic to print Glue. Click on the Music Player again, and Keen will repair it.

Head back to the Massage Room and talk to Juli, choose ‘Give Music Player’.

Watch the scene.

Mindy & Sandy

Mindy & Sandy
  1. Meet Mindy & Sandy
    Complete Lorza her storyline, to trigger the next scene.
    Go to Hallway East, where the Captain will annouce the arrival of new guests. Go to the Lounge Bar and talk to Mindy, discuss all dialog options.Keen offered to distract Mindy her parents.
  2. Distracting Hank

Go to Guest Lounge and click on the people sitting on the couch, to go to Lounge Couch. Talk to Hank and discuss all dialog options.

Keen discovers Hank can’t see in the distance without glasses.

Click on the camping gear at the couch, you can now take Hank’s Glasses.

  1. Distracting Rosa
    Go to Lounge Couch. Talk to Rosa.Rosa asks Keen to get her book.You will return to the Guest Lounge.
    Go to the Hallway West and click on the second door on the left wall, to enter the Teleporter.Click on the console on the right and choose to teleport ‘Rosa’s book’. You find Rosa’s book.
    Go to the Changing room and click on the middle locker.Keen now swaps the boring book for an erotic novel.You find Switched book.
    Go to Lounge Couch.Talk to Rosa and choose ‘give book’.Keen gives Switched Book and distracts Rosa.
  2. Girls go to spa
    Go to the Lounge Bar and talk to Mindy and tell her that you distracted her parents.Mindy & Sandy leave for the Spa.Go to the Massage Entree, where you hear a scream. You will return to the Guest Lounge.Go to Hallway West, where Mindy calls you. You get the Spa Keycard.
  3. Sneaking in the Spa
    You will end up in the Changing room.Click on the Intercom (The blue box on the left wall). Choose to call the Massage Room and hang up.You lured Lorza away from her desk (call to the desk and she will return again).Go to the Massage Entree, and click on the door on the far right to go the other Spa Showers. Talk to Mindy and choose to go to the Sauna.You will end up at the Spa Square.
  4. Making smoothies

When at the Spa Square, click on Mindy & Sandy and talk about the drinks.

Keen offers to make smoothies.

Go to the Lounge Bar and click on the Meal-Maker (the pink machine in the middle of the bar).

Keen will list the required ingredients, you will find them here:

(Ice Cubes) Go upstairs at the Spa Square, to The Pool. Click on the left side of The Pool to go to the Cold Bath. Click on the ice bucket to find the Ice Cubes.

(Bananas) Go to the Bio Garden and click on the bananas in the tree to find a Banana.

(Other ingredients) Go to the Lounge Bar. Click on the glasses and find the Glasses.

Click on the oranges (at right side of bar) to find the Oranges.

Click on the Stasis-box (yellow box at right of Mealmaker) to find the Yoghurt.

At the Lounge Bar, click on the Meal-Maker to make the smoothies. Go to the Spa Square and talk to Mindy & Sandy.

They will have their drinks.

You will return to the Spa Square.

4.5 Jaccuzi

When at the Spa Square, click on Mindy & Sandy and talk about the Jacuzzi.

Keen ends up in the Jacuzzi and is asked to choose East or West. This determines with which girl you will end this storyline – note, afterwards you can revisit the Jacuzzi and make a different choice.

You will return to the Spa Square.

  1. Swimming Pool, find poolfloat
    When at the Spa Square, click on Mindy & Sandy and talk about the swimming pool.As a result, keen needs to find a poolfloat.
    Go to Lune’s Room and click on the lifesaver on the wall.Keen can take it if he can come up with a replacement.Go to Hallway North and click on the red vacuum robot. You find Clean-bot.Go to Keen’s Room, click on the Print-O-Matcic & print Spray Paint. Return to Lune’s Room and click on the lifesaver on the wall.Keen will now replace it and find Lifesaver.
  2. Go swim!
    Go to The Pool and click at the top of the screen to go to Pool deck.Click on Mindy and tell that you found a poolfloat. Watch the scene unfold.
    (!) Depending on who you favoured in the jacuzzi, you will get the following ending:
    East = Sandy West = MindyWatch the scene unfold.
  3. Revisit the Spa.
    When at the Spa Square, click on Mindy & Sandy.In this dialog you can choose which scenes you want to revisit again.
    • If you choose to revisit the Jacuzzi, you can favour a different sister.
    • If you then choose to revisit the Swimming pool, you get the end-scene of that sister.

Valerie & Yi-jie

Valerie & Yi-jie


  1. Talk to the Captain
    Complete Sophie her storyline, to trigger the next scene.Go to Hallway East, where the Captain will ask Keen to come to her Ready Room. Go to the Ready Room and finish the dialog.You get the Junkyard Keycard and the PayCard.Keen agrees to go to The Junkyard-ship, to look for parts for the Pink Shuttle.
  2. Visit ‘The Junkyard’-ship

Go to the Map, and click on the big red ship there, to go The Junkyard.

You will end up in the Junkyard Hull, finish the dialog and choose leave.

Keen proposed to dig through the Junkpile there, to find the parts he is looking for.

When in the Junkyard Hull, click on the Power Crane-cabin at the left side of the screen.

  1. The Power Crane game (find the shuttle-parts)
    When in the Power Crane, choose to start the game.
    • You need to move all the light-blocks to the right side of the screen, behind the dotted lines.
    • To do so, you also need to move around the darker-blocks in the middle. Note, thesedarker-blocks can not be moved past the dotted lines.
    • You have 100 moves to do this, if you fail you have to retry. It takes about 50 moves to complete the puzzle.
    • (HINT) Key to the solution is to occasionally move the long dark blocks in the space right next to the dotted lines.
      If you successfully completed the Power Crane puzzle, you found the parts you needed. Now you can optionally replay the puzzle if you like.Choose ‘leave’ at the Power Crane -menu to return to the Junkyard Hull.
  2. Buy the shuttle-parts from Valerie
    When in the Junkyard Hull, click on the exit at the bottom to go to the Junk Repairbay.Click on Valerie who sleeps on the couch. Choose the dialog option ‘show your parts’.It turns out Valarie doesn’t accept payment, but wants to make a trade.Choose the dialog option ‘trade for s*x’.Keen has nothing to offer & Valerie suggest to have s*x instead. Knowing the shuttle-parts are worth a lot more then that, Keen offers to find something else to trade.
  3. See what you can find to trade
    Head back to your ship and go either to the (rather empty) Cargo Storage, or directly to theTeleport Room.In the Teleport Room, click on the Boxes, on the top right.Keen will attempt to find something to trade. Watch the scene.
  4. Make the trade & get the shuttle-parts
    Now go back to ‘The Junkyard’-ship and talk to Valerie in the Junk Repairbay.Choose the dialog option ‘trade for s*x’ again.Watch the scene.You now received the shuttle-parts.
  5. Meanwhile in the Teleport Room
    Watch the scene.
  6. Valerie end
    Go back to Valerie if you want to repeat the XXX-scene. Choose the dialog option ‘Another deposit’.


  1. Opening the door to the Plasma Forge
    Go to ‘The Junkyard’-ship and talk to Valerie in the Junk Repairbay.Choose the dialog option ‘Droids’.Valerie tells Keen about her colleague, the plasma-smith.This gives Keen reason to go to the Plasma Forge; the door at the top of the stairs. But the door handle is hot.
    Finish Lorza her storyline up to point 3.5, and watch Keen wash his clothes (now the oven is done).
    Go back to your ship and head for the Kitchen.Click on the Oven and find the Oven Mits.
    Go to Junkyard Repairbay again on the ‘The Junkyard’-ship .Click on the Door and open it.
  2. Meeting Yi-jie Plasma Forge
    Click on the Yi-jie and discuss all dialog-options.
  3. Forge a ‘support Rod’ for Yi-ji
    Keen took interest in the forging process.Now Keen helps Yi-jie to forge the last part of her new droid.To do so you will have to play (or cheat) the next mini-game 3 times,making a bigger support rod each time. (you can leave in between if you want)
    After clicking on the Anvilchoose to start the game.
    • Hit each part twice, untill it has a smooth shape.
    • You can only hit a part if its lit up.
    • If you hit a part too often, it will crack. 3 cracks and you are game over (try again).
    • (HINT) At the start of the game you can pretty much whack away, without much risk of cracking things.
      Each time you are successful Keen will show his result to Yi-jie.After the 3rd success, Yi-ji thanks Keen and will add Keens creation to her droid. Yi-jie will now be putting the droid together, before she can test it.
  4. Watch Yi-jie test her droid
    Return to Keens Room (this passes the time).If you followed this walkthrough step by step, you will now meet a familiar face in your room.
    Then go to ‘The Junkyard’-ship again and head to the Plasma Forge. Yi-jie is no longer at the anvil.When at the Plasma Forge, click on the Pumping Station and watch the scene.
    From here on the Pumping station can also be visited.
  5. Picking up a new hobby
    After the scene you’ll end up at the Plasma ForgeClick on Yi-jie and talk to her.Discuss the ‘Pleasure Droid’ dialog option.
    To trigger the next part, be sure to have finished Valerie her storyline up to point 5.5.Discuss the ‘Droid Comission’ dialog option.Discuss the ‘Aim to Please’ dialog option and watch the scene.
  6. Get help
    Return to Keens Room and talk to Keen. Discuss the ‘Multiplayer’ dialog option.Both Keens want to leave the ship together, and therefor need to make a disguise.
  7. Make the Disguise
    Click on the Mannequin in Keens Room.Keen tells you, you need to make 3 parts for the disguise; an outfit, a wig and some shades. Leave the Mannequin again to collect what you need.
    1. OutfitTalk to Keen and discuss the ‘Undress’ dialog option to get Outfit.Leave the dialog.Go to the Print-O-Matic in Keens Room and print Spray Paint.
    2. WigGo to the Decontamination room (in the Shuttlebay). Click on the Broom and get Broom Brush.
    3. Shades
    Complete Mindy & Sandy their story till 4.2, to get Hanks Glasses.Go to the Print-O-Matic in Keens Room and print Spray Paint.
    Once you collected everything, click on the Mannequin in Keens Room again. Click on each dialog option, until you made all the parts for the disguise.You get Disguise.
  8. Take Keen along for a ride
    In Keens Room, talk to Keen.Discuss the ‘Put on Disguise’ dialog option. You get Keen.
    Then go to ‘The Junkyard’-ship again and head to the Plasma Forge.Click on Yi-jie to talk to her.Discuss the ‘Doubling up’ dialog option.Watch the scene.
    After the scene Yi-jie & Keen will work together to make a droid body for Keens hew hobby project.
  9. Collect your droid body

Return to Keens Room and listen to the Captains announcement. Then return to ‘The Junkyard’-ship and head to the Junk Repairbay. Talk to ‘Val, Keen, Yi-jie’.

Discuss the ‘About to leave’ dialog option. You get Droid Body.

Note: A create appears in Keens room holding the droids body. But the droid can’t be build yet. This will only be possible in a future game update.

The Doctor

The Doctor
  1. A disturbance in the force
    Complete Mindy & Sandy their storyline, and go to Keens room.This leads to a scene where Keen questions what happened in the pool. Keen feels he should visit the Doctor.
  2. Get a checkup
    Go to the Map and click on the Medbay to enter it (no. 24 on the map above). You are now in the Medbay Entrance.Click on th exit at the bottom to go to the Medbay Office.Click on the Doctor & discuss your ‘Rising Issue’.
    This leads to a scene where the doctor preforms a health check. Afterwards the Doctor tells Keen to come back tomorrow for the results.
  3. Return for the Results
    Now leave the dialog and return to Keens Room (this passes the time). Return to the Medbay Office and talk to the Doctor again.Discuss the ‘Break-in?’ & ‘Thief’dialog options. The Doctor will now give you the Level 3 Keycard.
    Someone stole the Doctors Computers, including Keens revealing bodyscan. Keen offers his help to find the thief.
  4. Find the thief
    Go to the Security Room (no. 15 on the map above).Click on the Switchboard to connect the ‘Medbay Monitors’.Then click on the Controls to review the ‘Medbay security footage’. Return to the Medbay Office and tell the Doctor what you saw.
  5. Trace the orgin of the Teleport beam
    Oh-oh! Now the Doctor has disappeared as well.After the Doctor has disappeared, go to the Captains Ready Room.There, click on the green screen to access the Space Scanner.Activate the Scanner mini-game by clicking on the console at the bottom. Play the Scanner mini-game.
    • (HINT) Find the first scan-point in the 4th square, in the top row.
    • (HINT) The teleport-lines won’t overlap each other… this makes the search area smaller with each point you find.
      After completing the game, the Ships Coordinates will be printed. Take the Ships Coordinates by clicking on them.
  6. Teleport to the Doctors Locations
    Now go to the Teleporter and click on the teleport controls.
    If you can’t use the controls, then the teleport cable must still be broken (from Keens fall earlier). To fix it, go to Keens Room and click on the Print-O-Matic.Print a Data Cable and then head back to the Teleporter.Click on the cable, and Keen will replace the broken cable with a new one.
    Click on the Controls and choose to teleport ‘To Doc’s location’.
  7. Aboard a new ship
    Keen appears in the …Teleport Hall, and realizes that he is is now on an alien ship.
    Your goal is to find the Doctor, but keen will encounter several doors.To open the doors you need to enter the right key-combination onto the nearby keypads. These key-combinations are written on notes, which can be found around the ship.
  8. Opening the door in the Leftside hall.
    Starting at the …Teleport Hall, go right to the …Rightside Hall.There, click on the Labcoat that hangs from the backwall.Keen will find an Alien Notepad in it’s pocked, and an Alien Note.
    Now go two screens to the left, to the …Leftside Hall.There, click on the …Keypad to get a closeup of the keys.
    Now open your inventory, and look at the Alien Note you just found.On the Alien Note you see a white symbol, which you need to recreate by pressing the right keys. Pressing a green key, will turn it white.Press key 1 and 5 (outside-top and inside-bottom)Then press the yellow key in the middle to confirm your code.
    The right code opens the door in the …Leftside Hall.Now click on the door opening to go to the Observatory.
  9. Observatory & Monitors
    At the Observatory, click on the alien Monitors to get a closeup of this computer setup. Now click on the Alien Note at the right side of the screen to take it.
    Meanwhile Keen will learn a bit more about the alien and what happened…
  10. Opening the door in the Rightside hall.

Now walk all the way back to the right, till you get at the ...Rightside Hall. There, click on the …Keypad to get a closeup of the keys.

Now open your inventory, and look at the Alien Note you just found at the alien’s computer.

On the Alien Note you see a white symbol, which you need to recreate by pressing the right keys. Pressing a green key, will turn it white.

Press key 4, 6 and 1 (outside-left, outside-right and inside-bottom) Then press the yellow key in the middle to confirm your code.

The right code opens the door in the …Rightside Hall.

Now click on the door opening to go to the … Left Corridor.

6.10 Corridors & the scene behind the window

You are now in the … Left Corridor.

Click on the rightside of the screen to go to the … Right Corridor.

Here you see a big window, and on th inside is an Alien Note stuck to the glass.

Click on the Alien Note (Keen will mention he can’t get to it.)

Now, return to the …Teleport Hall (where you started on the alien ship). Once there, click on the …Controls?

Click on the new dialog option ‘Beam up Note’ to get the Alien Note.

Return to the … Right Corridor.

There, click on the …Keypad to get a closeup of the keys.

Now open your inventory, and look at the Alien Note you just beamed up.

On the Alien Note you see a white symbol, which you need to recreate by pressing the right keys. Pressing a green key, will turn it white.

Press key 2, 3 and 5 (inside-left, inside-right and outside-top) Then press the yellow key in the middle to confirm your code.

The right code opens the door in the …Right Corridor.

Now click on the door opening to go to the … Research Lab.

6.10 Meet the Alien

If you enter the … Research Lab, a scene will follow.

Discuss all dialog options, till the Doctor asks you to find Bandages.

Now go back to the …Right Corridor just outside of the … Research Lab.

Click on the clothing in the door opening, and take the Doctors Bodystoking.

Go back into the … Research Lab, talk to the Doctor and choose ‘Give Bandages’.

Next, discuss all dialog options, till the Doctor asks you to ‘Find Proof’. Now leave the Alien ship and go back to the Green Beetle.

Click on the Medbay and walk to the Recovery Room in the back.

Once there, click on the Brochures, which you can now take. (on the backwall, above the tube).

Now Return to the Alien ship by using the Green Beetle’s Teleporter.

Walk to the … Research Lab againtalk to the Doctor and choose ‘Give Proof’.

A dialog will follow, and Keen and The Doctor will leave the Alien ship again.

6.10 Ask the Doctor for Diagnosis

Now that the Doctors computers are returned, the Doctor can review Keens BodyScan and tell him more about his Rising Issues.

Go to to the Medbay Office and talk to the Doctor. Discuss the ‘Test Results’, and the final scene will follow.

The Astronaut in Pink

The Astronaut in Pink

Repair the Pink Ship

Complete Lune her storyline up to point 1.2Go to the Repair Bay.

Click on the blue gloves on the right, to operate the Helping Hands. Go through the dialog options.

Keen twists and pulls at the hatch.

Find a Powerful lubricant to open the hatch. (Finish Lorza her storyline)* Find Pink shuttle Parts to repair the shuttle. (Finish Valerie her storyline)*

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