Spore Command List | Cheats and Codes for PC

To use cheats and commands in Spore, press  CTRL + SHIFT + C on your keyboard. Send commands by typing them into the console and press ENTER.

addDNAadddnaHis cheat adds 150 to your current amount of DNA.
moreMoneymoremoneyHis cheat will give you more money. If you are in the Civilization stage, each time it is used, you will receive 2,000 more money. If you are in the Space stage, each time it is used, you will receive 1,000,000 money.
levelslevels [-unlock / -unlockadventures]His cheat can do two different things. Firstly, it can unlock all game stages (levels -unlock), allowing you to start a game from any stage (either cell, creature, tribal, civilization, or space). Secondly, it can unlock all Maxis adventures (levels -unlockAdventures).
setConsequenceTraitsetconsequencetrait [trait code]His cheat sets your consequence trait. Consequence traits give you ‘super powers’ which provide you with special abilities. See commands.gg/spore/setconsequencetrait for a list of all trait codes.
unlockSuperWeaponsunlocksuperweaponsUnlocks all super weapons (for your current stage/civilization type).
spaceCreatespacecreateHis cheat unlocks, and recharges, all Creation Tools when in Space Mode.
refillMotivesrefillmotivesHis cheat will fully restore your health and all other motives.
freedomfreedom [on / off]His cheat greatly increases the complexity limits that are usually in place when creating a creature in the Creature Creator, allowing you to make more complex creatures. Note that this doesn’t allow you to make infinitely complex creatures, the limit is increased a large amount, but it isn’t infinite, so if you make a creature that is too complex it will not be pollinated.
evoadvantageevoadvantageHis cheat should be entered into the console when in the main menu. It will allow you to choose any creature from the Sporepedia when you start a new creature game. Evolutionary advantaged creatures that are usually locked when starting a game will be unlocked.
settimesettime [(hours, minutes)]Sets the time to the specified hour and (optionally) minute. 23 would set the time to 11PM, 1 would set the time to 1AM.
renamerename [planet / star] [new name]His console command renames the selected planet or star to the name you specify. Select the planet or star you wish to rename, then use this command.
adventureLookadventurelook [filter name]Adds the specified “adventure look” filter to your game’s graphics (or disables a filter you’ve added). Adventure look filters change the way the game looks – e.g. the -filmnoir filter makes your game black and white. See argument information for a list of all filters you can use. Specify -none to disable an existing filter and return to normal graphics.
blocksmodeblocksmodeHis cheat code enables and disables (toggles) blocksmode. When blocksmode is enabled, creatures will render as their blocky meshes (i.e. as square outlines), instead of with their usual textures. As this is a toggle command, typing it again will turn it off.
capturePlanetGIFcaptureplanetgifWill make a spinning GIF (animated picture) of the planet you are currently on and save it in the AnimatedAvatars directory.
clearclearClears all messages from the console.
colladaexportcolladaexportExports the creature you are currently viewing as a collada (.dae) 3D mesh file.
freeCamfreecamHis cheat enables and disables (toggles) freecam mode. In freecam mode all camera restrictions are removed, allowing you to zoom out the camera as much as you please, and move the camera to any location.
helphelp [command name / -full]Prints a list of all cheat codes to the console, or, if you specify a command as an argument, help for that specific commmand.
highresTextureLevelhighrestexturelevel [off / low / medium / high]Sets the quality of textures for vehicles, buildings, and other entities. Lower settings increase FPS/performance, higher settings make your game look better.
historyhistory [amount]Has been reported as not working in newer versions of the game. It should print a list of commands you have entered into the console (i.e. your command history). You can optionally specify a number to view only that amount of latest commands from the command history – i.e. ‘history 3’ would list the 3 latest commands you entered into the console.
killallhintskillallhintsWill remove all hints from your game.
moviemovie [-record [name]] [-size [width] [height]] [-quality [0-1]] [-noui] [-noaudio] [-nocrop]Can be used to record your game. Recordings will be saved to the “Movies” folder which can be found in the “My Spore Creations” folder, which is in your Documents (Windows). See command page for detailed help and examples.
optionoption [option name] [option value] [-save] [-reset]Can do three different things. It can reset all of your options to default (-reset argument). It can save your current options (-save argument). Or, it can set the value of an option (to a value you specify). Typing ‘option’ into the console without any arguments will list all options with their current values.
pauseUIVisiblepauseuivisible [-show / -hide / -toggle]Can be used show and hide the pause UI (that usually shows when the game is paused).
quitquitas you might expect, quits your game (exits Spore completely).
styleFilterstylefilter [filter name]He style filter cheat is similar to the adventureLook cheat – it changes the graphics of your game (e.g. making the game black and white). You can disable a style filter with the command ‘styleFilter -none’. See argument information for a list of all style filters you can use with this command.
toggleCaptureUItogglecaptureuiToggles (enables and disables) the display of the UI in captured images (i.e. if you have this toggled off, screenshots you take via the game won’t have the UI showing).
toggleeditorbackgroundtoggleeditorbackgroundToggles (enables and disables) the display of the background in editors.