Alien Box Anomaly – Stellaris Easy Guide on Alien Box

Alien Box came to you and you don’t know what to choose? Well then, let’s solve this situation.

On Stellaris, there are hundreds of events that occur after analyzing a planet or expanding its population. Many of them are not simple to understand the consequences of their choices, whether they will help you or harm your civilization.

One of the most confusing events is the ‘Orbital Speed Demon’ which is a multi-step event.

Alien Box Events

First Event

This event will have five phases. In the first phase, once it’s fired you’ll have 3 options to choose from. The first two options by default will advance to the next step, but the last option will stop the event at this point.

Second Event

You are finally introduced to Alien Box and have two options. Again the first two options will lead to the next steps and the last one will end the event.

Tip: Choose the option to study the Alien Box, it will become a project that will yield between 150 and 10,000 physics research points.

Third Event

This event is only triggered for those who decided to study the box, in this case, there are two options left. Open the box or sell it.

The bonus for selling the box would be around 100 to 500 energy credits and minerals. However, opening the box gives eternal bonuses to your main race. In this case, the best option is to open the box.

Alien Box Choices | Forth Event

Whether you’re jumping from the second event or coming from the third, you’ve opened the box and found three vials that can be offered for your race to evolve or you can sell them.

Each option generates the following results:

  • Red solution – grants the Social Pheromones trait, which permanently reduces Pop housing usage by 5%
  • Blue solution – grants the Limited Regeneration trait, which increases leader lifespan by ten years and permanently buffs ground army damage by 10%
  • Green solution – grants the Bioadaptability trait, which permanently increases habitability by 5%
  • Sell it – Selling the vials ends the event chain and you receive between 150 to 1,000 energy credits, and between 100 to 500 minerals.
Alien Box – Color Options

After a few days of making this choice, you will receive notification of the end of the event. Well! You’ve completed the Stellaris alien box event!

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