Bunker Bot Anomaly – Stellaris Easy Guide

Bunker Bot appeared to you and don’t know what to choose? Well then, let’s solve this situation.

On Stellaris, there are hundreds of events that occur after analyzing a planet or expanding its population. Many of them are not simple to understand the consequences of their choices, whether they will help you or harm your civilization.

We have traced the unusual electromagnetic radiation emanating from “Anomaly Planet” to a secret subterranean bunker hiding a mega-computer the size of a battle ship. 

Our researchers suspect that it may have been there for several thousand years, hard at work solving a single very complex problem, the nature of which still eludes us. 

When the crew attempted to interact with the computer they discovered that the facility, which had appeared both abandoned and unguarded, was in fact operated by a security AI, the highest purpose of which seems to be frying its visitors alive. As the crew defeated the AI, it broadcasted a message to an unknown recipient.

Bunker Bot Anomaly

Bunker Bot Anomaly Choices

This is not an event that will take you through several steps, it will only take the one-choice process. These are the ones presented:

  • Scrap the mega-computer for parts!
  • Use it to boost our own research.
  • Let it continue its mysterious calculations.

If you choose to scrap the mega-computer you will receive 100 alloys, 50 rare crystals, and 50 minerals. The second option will result in a 10% engineering research bonus for 10 years.

The third choice will yield 200 influence points and open up a new possibility. If you have the DLC Distant Star, you have the chance to gain another event that is related to the so-called L-Cluster.

The L-cluster is a Distant Stars DLC feature, that if you let a little bit of time pass, you will get an L-Gate insight.

What is the best choice for Bunker Bot?

Without a doubt, the second and third options are the best choices. Especially if you are very early in the game this amount of influence points will help to expand your presence in the universe much faster.

If you have the DLC Distant Star, the third option becomes even better as there is a chance to get L-Gate insight.

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