Enigmatic Fortress – Stellaris Easy Guide

Just run into Enigmatic Fortress in a Stellaris match and have no idea if that’s a good thing or a bad thing? So check out this guide.

The Enigmatic Fortress was added during DLC Leviathans. They function as towering strongholds abandoned many centuries ago. As is to be expected from something this old, it is defended by several unique defense platforms.

In addition to the stronghold’s natural defenses, it also creates some pretty dangerous events that can wipe out your army. That’s why we’ve made a guide on how to beat the Enigmatic Stronghold’s defenses and its event chain.

How to defeat Enigmatic Fortress defenses

Upon entering the Enigmatic Fortress’ solar system you will be attacked by five defense stations and the fortress itself. The place will be very well guarded and you will have to prepare a lot before facing it.

An important tip is that no AI will face the fortress defenses until they have at least 60,000 strength in their fleet. So it’s a safer number when attacking the fortress.

System with Enigmatic Fortress

How to advance on the Enigmatic Fortress Event

Após combater as forças de defesa, se você conseguir vencer, começará a disparar uma event chain que precisará ser avançada para receber sua recompensa.

What rewards does the Enigmatic Fortress Event give?

  • Between 1000 and 5000 research boost in all fields
  • Enigmatic Encoder technology
  • Enigmatic Decoder technology

Step One

In this first step, you will have two options to advance in the ‘Demolitions Team’ or ‘Local Power Surge‘ event. In one of them you will need a science ship and in the other an army transport.

Either option will advance to the next step, but when asked if you want the higher energy cost or the lower energy cost option choose the lower energy cost.

NOTE: At any time if you make a mistake in the choices, the fortress will be recharged and you will lose whoever is there.

Step Two

In the second step, you will have four options for how to move the metal toris. In this case, choose the option ‘Rearrange the metal tori on the poles’.

Step Three

In this step you will have several projects that can be carried out, some of them will complete the mission and others will fail.

The only correct project options are:

  • Home System Research (the one in the middle)
  • Supply Dark Matter
  • Black Hole Research special project

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