Stranded Deep Cheats | Command List for PC

As with many sandbox games, sometimes realizing your ideas can be quite complex. But there are ways to make your experience easier, whether to speed up the game or even remove limits to your imagination. Using Console Commands in Stranded Deep allows you to perform actions that would not be possible in a normal game.

How to use cheats in Stranded Deep

In order to enter console commands in Stranded Deep, you need to press the ‘\’ key and then enter the command to activate the cheat. You may also type in the command twice to toggle it on or off.

Stranded Deep

Command List for Stranded Deep

fps (True/False)Displays frames per second on your screen
dev.time (0-24)You can change the time of the day for your game, with each number representing a particular hour of a single day
help listDisplays all of the commands you can use in Stranded Deep
help (command)This will detail to you how a command works to give you a better idea of what you’re about to do before you type it into your game
clearRemoves all history of the commands you’ve used to this point
dev.log.dumpYou will spawn a log to your location in-game, allowing you to craft some of the simpler items in Stranded Deep
dev.log.viewThis command will display a full log of everything you’ve done
dev.log.clearRemoves all log entries you’ve created to this point (True/False)With this command, you can modify the visual effects of your game’s fog (True/False)You can use this command to adjust all of your game’s reflection effects for the fog
dev.godWith this command, you can now fly around the map, not take damage of any kind, giving you the freedom to explore your map
dev.console (True/False)This will open up a testing menu, giving you the chance to spawn items at your character’s location