Stray: How to Unlock the ‘Curiosity Killed the Cat’ Trophy

The “Curiosity Killed the Cat” trophy is one of Stray’s achievements. You must find a paper bag and use it to unlock this achievement. See where to find the item to unlock the trophy in the cat simulator.

“Curiosity Killed the Cat” is one of eight bronze trophies in Stray. In addition, there are 24 other achievements (including platinum on PS4/PS5). You can check out all of Stray’s trophies at the link below.

Use a paper bag over your head to unlock the “Curiosity Killed the Cat” trophy

Below is a written guide to the location of two paper bags. Use one of them to unlock the “Curiosity Killed the Cat” trophy. There are probably more bags hidden in the Stray that should also unlock the achievement.

How to unlock the trophy ‘Curiosity Killed the Cat’?

As the description of this trophy implies, you will have to stuff your cat’s head in a paper bag. And for that, obviously, you need to find that item first.

When writing this article, we discovered two paper bags that can help you complete the “Curiosity Killed the Cat” achievement. Both are in chapter 4, “The Favelas.”

You can achieve this at the beginning of your adventure, right after talking to the Guardian. Just go and see Morusque, the musician without a score. A small paper bag will be on the floor next to it.

Otherwise, you can find another paper bag at Momo right after chapter 5, “Roofs.” Upon returning from this quest, you return to the slums through Momo’s window, and he will no longer be present in the apartment.

The paper bag will be on the floor next to the rainbow-headed robot kitchen. This will unlock the achievement “Curiosity Killed the Cat.”

When interacting with the paper bag, its senses will be disturbed, so the cat will be totally disoriented and unable to correctly put one paw in front of the other.

Fortunately, the paper bag effect doesn’t last long, so you can quickly resume your adventure after a few seconds.

I’ve already passed these chapters. Can I go back?

Stray is divided into chapters. So, if you’ve already gone through these parts and want to get the trophy, just select the corresponding chapter to replay the level. This technique can be used for various achievements.