Stray – Télé à chat Trophy: how to get the achievement

The Télé à chat trophy is a missable achievement in Stray. To access the place where the cat must go through all the television channels, climbing and jumping over some structures will be necessary.

Télé à chat is one of eight bronze trophies in Stray. Also, the cat simulator has 24 other achievements (including platinum on PS4/PS5). You can check out all of Stray’s trophies at this link.

How to unlock the TV Nation trophy?

To achieve this, as stipulated in the challenge statement, you must zap all TV channels. To find out where the remote and TV are hidden, you’ll need to head to the rooftops of Slum Village.

As a starting point, the air conditioning is right next to grandma’s store. Afterward, go roof to roof until you find a red machine with drinks inside.

The air conditioning located right next to the store
The machine will be right below the sofa with the television

On the wall glued to the machine is a red box. Jump on it to access the location. You will be in the area with the TV, a sofa, a rug, and a traffic cone.

For the achievement to be unlocked, just use the remote control on the couch. You’ll have to press the button a few times (about five or so) for the trophy to unlock.

Use the controller a few times to get the trophy

I lost the trophy! What now?

Stray is divided into chapters. So, if you haven’t completed all the achievements or think you’ve forgotten something, you might as well restart the chapter of your choice from the game’s main menu.